Provence Lampoons Family Vacation: Part 2

According to my laminated itinerary, after collecting my mother at Marseille Airport Saturday morning, we were to head to Aix-en-Provence for a stroll around Cours Mirabeau and lunch at this place that has all you can eat Beef Carpaccio (The Husband can never get enough raw meat).

Unfortunately my mother brought Irish weather with her, actually, it was more like she flew by Bangladesh and picked up a monsoon.
It was a huge downpour. Buckets of rain were being thrown on us, and at one point, the thunder and lighting struck almost simultaneously. It was clear we would not be heading to the car. I suggested we wait it out and have a coffee.
The Husband does not have that kind of patience. He insisted that he make a run for the car and come back to collect us (actually, he may have been trying to ditch us). We all said no, but he went anyway.

For the rest of the day, I had to hear from my Aunt and Uncle, all about how I made The Husband run out into the rain and get soaked. Repeatedly. And naturally, The Husband loved every second of it. Whatever.
(They treat teasing like it’s a sport. I didn’t like it when I was twelve and I don’t like it now).

Skipping Aix and the raw meat, we went straight to Le Petit Village, settled in, and waited for the rain to pass.

And then it did, just in time for the village festival…

After the fireworks, came the dancing and champagne induced shenanigans (Mr Honey was generously supplying it so we drank loads of it).

The new Mrs Cousin was there, and although she wasn’t drinking due to Petit Cousin growing inside her (Petit Cousin is due in December, feel free to do the math) it didn’t stop her from busting out her own shenanigans…

{Hey! You stole my stache!}

I’m going to blame baby hormones. But she does look adorable in The Husband’s jacket.

Even the tourists got into the mix.

This Belgian lady and her friend were flirting with The Husband and The Cousin. The Husband told them that they were married but this nice old man was George Clooney’s father. Looks like she may have believed him…

{Not Mr. Clooney}

(For the record, this is not George Clooney’s father. This man lives in Le Petit Village right around the corner from our old house. He is still thanking The Husband).

And of course no champagne induced shenanigans could be complete without me injuring myself in some way…

After The Husband and I delivered my Uncle safely to his bed, we headed back to the festival. We were holding hands and happily skipping along when I tripped, and went airborne until I landed flat smack down into a briar patch.


(To help your visual, I basically belly flopped)

Being a tad tipsy, and ridiculously strong (seriously, he’s like the Incredible Hulk), The Husband continued to drag me along with him until I was able to yell “stop!” loud enough for him to notice that I wasn’t actually running along with him, but being dragged through thicket.

But since I’m a trooper and was high on champagne, I jumped up, dusted myself off, and returned to the festival.

 Because that’s how I roll.
Although everyone did want to know what I had been up to in the woods. 
(as they pulled twigs out of my hair).


P.S. I was in a whole lot of pain the next morning. 

17 responses to “Provence Lampoons Family Vacation: Part 2”

  1. First comment!I'll try and come up with something more intelligent when I've finished trying to work out the math….All the bestKeithP.S. I Liked the bit about getting pissed and ending up in the bushes! That's much more like it!


  2. Sara, I love the stories and particularly the ones with Honey, Jr., bless his little heart! I'm off to help Keith out with his math. Oh, and the next time could you add a little bit of dog poop to the story to keep him happy?Bises!Genie


  3. Hilarious. Especially since that nice old man is no more than 5 years older than Clooney


  4. Just be thankful the sport teasers missed your flop, you'd still be hearing about that one!


  5. You make me laugh so much. I too become spatially challenged when I've downed a few glasses of bubbly. I have a bruise on my elbow (mis-judged the doorway, twice) and a cut on my finger (cutting up M's birthday cake)from last Friday night to prove it.


  6. Good thing I wasn't drinking coffee while reading this one. Picturing you skipping through the thicket, and belly-flopping… OUCH!


  7. I tend to be a bit accident prone when I've had a bit to drink! Not good! For a small village (without a Starbucks) it seems like there is lots going on. It always sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy the visit with your Mom.


  8. Yep, Champagne will do it to you…love the stuff but can get a bit wild! Seriously, looks like you had a blast & are having a terrific summer..& that man does look quite a bit like George Clooney's papa 🙂


  9. Ohh girl, I'm accident prone withOUT the bubbly. I sure hope you're feeling better now. But what wonderful memories it makes! LOL And a good story.


  10. what a fun story!! 🙂 thanks for your message on my blog 😉


  11. Sounds like fun! Hahah, champagne, is not something I drink often! I'm already clumsy enough as it is!You have a wonderful blog here 🙂 I'm glad I stumbled upon it.


  12. Wow. I wish I had a family like that. I think!


  13. When you two got back to the festival, the folks probably thought you had been making whoopee.Sounds like a fun time. But the weather has been horrible.


  14. What a wonderful blog! I´m a new follower, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! Bisous (ha!)


  15. you probably got a lot of tongues wagging coming out of the bushes with twigs in your hair!


  16. I know you shouldn't laugh at other people's misfortunes but this is hilarious! Poor you x


  17. Hey – I need to find the place in Aix that has the all you can eat meal deal! Ou est cet paradis??


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