Provence Lampoons Family Vacation: Part 4

After Marseille, Forcalquier, Avignon, and Châteauneuf-du-Pape (aka Mecca), there were two remaining stops on our Provence road trip; Arles and Cassis.

(By the way, this was The Husband’s first family road trip. Ever. It may take him awhile to recover)

Arles is famous for it’s Roman Arena

Arles: Arènes d'Arles/ Roman Coliseum

Théâtre Antique

Arles: Roman Ruins/ Antique Theatre

 And this lunatic…

{I hate ears}

It’s a sultry little city with a Spanish vibe (probably due to the bullfights).


And it’s hot as hades (just how I like it).

We walked through the streets, heads down, staring at the ground always on the look out for one of these…

Because it would lead us to one of these…
A sign posting the place where Van Gogh had setup his easel and painted one of his masterpieces. 
Unfortunately, at times it was a bit of a let down. Your expecting the beautiful image in the painting but time rolls on and you get this instead…
A boring building. And cars. Bummer. 

That’s progress for ya.


12 responses to “Provence Lampoons Family Vacation: Part 4”

  1. Nice! Haven't been down to Arles yet but feel like I took a small trip there this morning through your photos..& I'll remember to be on the lookout for that wild-man Van Gogh..Thanks for sharing!


  2. It is a nice little city. We're thinking about heading back for a weekend to see more of it. Four hours wasn't really enough time.And because of your last post on Italy, we're probably going to San Remo in November. Thanks!


  3. So lovely! Interesting to see how art translates into real life aswell x


  4. I loved Arles and we stayed at Le Calendal just next to the arches of the Arena. It has a beautiful cloistered garden where we enjoyed our breakfast.Hummmm…. need to go back!


  5. Haha thanks for calling my countryman a lunatic…but yes he was ,lovely post.HugsErna


  6. never noticed those signs in Arles. But they have something similar in St. Remy de Provence, and if I remember correctly, the view is more similar to the paintings. And yeah, did you warn The Husband ahead of time?


  7. Looks like a fun trip!Love the caption under the Van Gogh portrait haha. It is a shame that the view was different once you got there!I would really like to travel. Aggh.


  8. Yay for teaching the Husband how to roadtrip!! He's going to have to work on his stamina from the sounds of it. lolLove the pictures!


  9. You know – I think I learn more about fabulous places to see in the world from these fun blogs than any other source (OK, I could watch that Silver Fox Tony Bourdain all day long). But the real stories from (especially) the ladies keeping it – well, real. Love it. Thank you for sharing!


  10. Love the field trip through France! Now if I can only get there in person someday….sigh. The bit about the Van Gogh scene was perfect. : )


  11. Sara, I'm going to follow your blog and live vicariously through you. Perhaps I'll learn a thing or two about France, and I'm certain to get a good chuckle. You're a funny gal 🙂


  12. Oh well, at least Van Gogh wouldn't have heard the traffic if he popped by!


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