C'est Kiki!

Now that I’ve documented my family road trip around Provence, the story of another…

One of my bestest friends, Texas Girl (I know bestest is not a real word but I don’t care, she’s one of my bestest and the bestest so there)…

{KoMiKaZe driver}

Anyhoo… Texas Girl, her mother Kiki and The Puma, flew from Texas to Sweden and then were driving all the way down to Provence. It’s craziness I know. And they were doing it sans GPS. They went old school with a map, an actual map made from paper. Texas Girl is wily like that.

Oh, and they brought this guy with them…

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Franco the mini piñata. Franco is of the paper mache persuasion, or as I like to say; papier-mâché, because I’m French like that.  
So luckily for me, them coming to Provence, and me being in Provence, we were going to have to see each other. 
After a couple of days in Sweden, they hit Luxembourg, Cologne, Nancy, and Lyon and then down to my neck of the woods; lunch in lovely L’Isle sur la Sorgue….

The Husband and I scanned the tables and there they were, nibbling salads and guzzling wine. They seemed to have adapted quite quickly to the whole laid back Provence thing. Well done ladies.

“Do you have any iced tea? No. OK, I guess I’ll have a Chardonnay then.”

After seven years abroad, and soon to be one year in France, Texas accents are like heaven to my little ears. Can’t get enough. The Husband seemed utterly confused, but he didn’t mind, he just liked being outnumbered by the ladies.

(He liked it so much, The Husband now refers to The Puma as Wife No.2. He likes to threaten me that if I don’t behave, he’ll runaway to Dallas and Wife No.2. Which is great, because I could really use the time off)

They spent the week hitting all the major Provence spots, and I got to see them here and there. But of course not as much as I’d like. 
(To be honest, I would have tied them up and kept them hidden in my little bungalow if i could, but that would’ve been weird). 
And soon the last day was here… what to do… what to do…
A little trip to Monaco for lunch? Why not
{Princess Grace got married here}

{The Husband and Wife No.2 }

And since we’re here we might as well pop over to Italy for some gelato. 
Yes please.
{a little Italian rain}

And oh, we still have a lot of time left before the flight? 
Drinks in Monte Carlo then. It would be silly not to. 

{smells like money}

Let me tell you something about Monte Carlo, it’s all very suave and James Bond – like. The name is Louise, Sara Louise. 

I could have stayed there forever. But as the bottles of Rosé emptied, we knew it was time to head to the airport *sigh*.

And off back to Texas they went.

But from all their hotel stays during their crazy KaMiKaZe road trip, they left me all this…

{I never have to buy soap again}

But with them gone I felt like this…

{I’m a sad panda}

P.S. And yes, OK,  bestest is a word , but it’s slang so it doesn’t count 

19 responses to “C'est Kiki!”

  1. I think you'll find that “Bestest” IS a word!I use it a lot (especially when talking about fences in Brittany and recently Boules Courts in Brittany), so it must be a word?All the bestKeithP.S. Still waiting for more madness, chaos and mayhem!


  2. Dear Sara,J'adore the sad Panda, he is so cute!Monaco is nice but visit Èze, is near Monaco, a lovely little village, Medieval village.Bisou, Babi


  3. Such a delightful story, it was the bestest.


  4. Sara,It is such a sad feeling isn't it? When my friend Abby was here she made fun of the All Bran cereal box cause it says, 'liberez-vous'…we chuckled.And now that she's gone I feel a little sad when I see it. Anytime you wanna hear a Texas accent let me know.A


  5. HOw fun to have a piece of home come visit you. It helps keep you a little sane I'm sure. A quick lunch in Moanaco to a quick gelato Italia … so jealous 🙂


  6. Ha, this was a good post!


  7. “Bestest” IS a word :-)Love the post, love the photos 🙂


  8. Monaco is Gorgeous!! You lucky thing you, living so close to everything!


  9. How jet-set are y,all! Monaco, bottles of Rosé, friends driving down from Sweden, husband, considering a 2nd wife. Its all so European-chic!


  10. You are so lucky! Living on the mainland (what I like to call the non-British-and-Irish-bits-of-Europe) just allows you to country-hop all over the place. Also, your man has a very nice pair of shoulders–you are one lucky girl.


  11. Very sweet when your bestest crosses an ocean to visit you. I lost track of one of mine after high school (no e-mail back then) & we found each other on (hate to mention it … facebook). We had a reunion 25 years later in Tuscany earlier this year, and swear, after nearly 40 years after we first met, are closer than ever. So sad when she left, but glad we had that time catching up and stuffing our faces around Tuscany together!


  12. Awwwww SO happy for you!! Sounds like a wonderful visit. A big plus to living abroad is people are always coming over to see you! That's so cool you all just hopped on over to another country, again why the heck not?? Oh I'm so envious of that! Great pics and story hun.


  13. Sad Panda made me “awe”…big hugs to you lady


  14. your friend seems to be great ONE! and only american people can drive all this road when french are afraid to cross France ( pfuiiiiiiit c'est trop loin !)


  15. A substitue wife? Now there's an idea I like. I have always been a bit of a loner and find marriage at times surprisingly un-lonely 😉


  16. ps- You have something special waiting for you over at my blog. 😉


  17. i LOVE it when my family comes to visit and HATE it when they leave- everything feels so sad. i'm thinking of you and hoping the husband does something extra special to make up for them being gone. xoxo.


  18. I'm sure you'd be able to find the word bestest in an Australian dictionary…we're a bit like that! Sounds like you had a great time…it's never long enough when you're with good friends is it?


  19. So glad you found my blog because I love yours too!Especially loved the quote about iced teavand chardonnay! Look coward to reading!Lauren


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