strike 2

You know that strike I was talking about?

Yesterday the pension reform bill (the reason everyones panties are in a bunch) was passed by the French Senate.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that there will be more strike action coming, so just in case, Fifty will be continuing his red wagon mush mush training.

Here’s a CNN report from Paris…
Two comments about this video:

1. When the reporter got pepper sprayed The Husband said, “Is he stupid or what?” This made me laugh.

2. Thanks CNN for pointing out who the undercover cops are. I’ll be sure to avoid them when I get my riot on.

(I really must try that car flipping fun)


9 responses to “strike 2”

  1. Ha! Yeah, looks like we've got a good profile on how to pick out the undercover cops…hoodie anyone?Love the reporter describing the pepper spray… Um, pretty good idea it would burn something fierce! Have you got any back-up Fifty's you can send our way? We might just need a pull-wagon ourselves 🙂 bon weekend, xx


  2. Will watch CNN for entertainment now, it´s big fun, pepper spray and undercover cops. Major LOLs


  3. Holy Smokes! (No pun intended)…what a change for the culture. Did they at least grandfather in those who were on the cusp of retiring with the previous statues? If not, we may see a stampede of sixty-something year-olds flipping cars and such.Beware of hood-wearing bystanders!PS – The endless shrimp commercial that came on before the footage has really made me hungry…


  4. Made me snort coffee, good thing I turned my head or my work laptop would be drenched. I don't think my boss would like “I was laughing at the stupidity of American news reporting” as an excuse.


  5. Great thing you've got going on here!! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!PS – How freakin lucky are you to be living in France. Jealous.


  6. Wow. Doesn't look like fun. Stay safe.


  7. LOL noted. Now I know who to watch out for during my French stay! 😉 whenever that will beSide note: MAJOR respect to your husband for calling the reporter stupid.


  8. There will certainly be more strike action this week. I mean the union leaders wouldn't want to miss another appearance on prime time tv, now would they?


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