The Husband went for his annual check up and he phoned me afterwords…
(We had a a bet to see if he has gained weight since I moved in; he did, 1kg)

He was happy to report that the doctor told him he was perfect (but as he said, she didn’t check his brain), and then he told me that when he took his shirt off, the doctor said he had a nice body.


“She said what?” (in a much gentler tone)

“It’s OK, she’s like 55.”

(Apparently The Husband is not familiar with the species known as, la cougar.)

“I don’t care how old she is, that’s not appropriate.”

It’s OK. she was being nice, she asked if I played any sports.”

(Try to picture the “it’s OK” part being said with that southern French accent. For some of you this may be difficult, but for others, you know what I’m talking about, it’s slightly sing-song, irritated, and occasionally followed by a huff and puff).

Since he clearly wasn’t understanding, I had to I turn the tables on him and break it down like this…

“If I went for my physical and the 55 year old male doctor said I had a nice body, would that be OK?”

“It’s inappropriate”



57 responses to “inappropriate”

  1. Sarah, inappropriate as it was, as a male, I can say with a fair degree of confidence that this was a quick shot for his ego and he was proud to share the comment with you. I doubt he was trying to make you jealous or was interested in anyway.


  2. Ah, La Couger! They often try to feed on me in bars to get out of their way in pursuit of “La Man!”.


  3. Asked hubby his take on this and his response — “you all (meaning you and the females making comments — including me) have too much time on our hands and reading too much into the doc's remark”. What does he know ;-0 That said I think it is a cultural difference. Remarks considered inappropriate to us ex-pats really are the norm here. Btw – love your blog. First time commenting.JW


  4. ha ha ha… totally inappropriate. But congrats on having such a hottie for a husband!


  5. Isn't it amazing how these men we love so much are so oblivious? This made me laugh out loud.I have a dear friend/co-worker (and he is definitely hot)who does not get why all the women come to him for advice and guidance in the work place. He actually believes it is for his intellect and insight. Really? Luckily, he has me to point these things out to him.


  6. Hilarious! Take it as a compliment 😉 When I went for one of my immigration physicals, the doc had me strip down to my skivvies and have a seat in front of him to ask me some questions. After I sat down, he asked me to stand up again, and then to turn around, and sit down again. When I sat down, he said, “Are you married?”(looking me up and down) — “yes..”– “well he sure is a lucky man.” Creeeepy. The guy was probably 55ish. Now I laugh because I was 10 kilos lighter back then.. i'd love to have a creepy old doctor call me sexy nowadays!


  7. Lol, I bet he was chuffed alright!Actually tho, I like the doctors here, they are more approachable than the Irish, far less “up themselves”


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