international week of awesomness

Do you ever have one of those blessed weeks? Like when it feels like the heavens part and angels are raining down sunbeams just for you? Well I have. It’s been one of those weeks (and before you think it, or ask it, there is no bun in my oven). Thanks in part to Becs, Aidan, and Sophie, this birthday week has been a wonderful one. You ladies really know how to make a girl feel special. And it’s not over yet! 

Tomorrow is my birthday, aka International Day of Awesomeness, and since I age backwards (actually I’ve been holding at 29) this is the year The Husband and I turn the same age. Next year he’ll be older than me. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?

And in honor of I.D.A., I will share with you my birthday wish (it’s a doozy); I wish for safety, and democracy for everyone. I wish for everyone to have access to clean water, affordable health care, and education. And I wish for the right for everyone to go to school to get that education even if they happen to be a girl (and if you are reading this and you are part of the Taliban, please note that you are an insecure, cave dwelling, dickhead. Let the girls go to school).  I wish for dictators to have the wisdom to know when to call it a day (your moment in the sun is over, move along please) so that peaceful protests can remain peaceful and not simmer into frustration fueled violence. And while I’m wishing, I’d also like a pink pony.

There, that’s not too much to ask for now is it?

53 responses to “international week of awesomness”

  1. Happy 29th Birthday, my friend! Although I am sorry to hear you have gone all Benjamin Buttons on us because I love being in my forties and know you would, too. Regardless, I am wishing you a pink pony and all the generous-thinking-of-others wishes your heart desires.


  2. Funny thing. I also stopped aging at 29. Amazing. But I'm very curious how old you are and how old the husband is… Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope it's fabulous!


  3. I've just found you through Rachel in Rio, and am spending far too much time catching up on your blog. I also was transplanted to Texas, then moved to another country (Brazil) for the man I love (who is a Scotsman, and now my husband!) so I totally connect with your stories of adjustment and learning another language when NO ONE speaks your own.I'm commenting on this post because you share a birthday with my Mom, and for that reason I totally support the “Day of Awesomeness” campaign.Looking forward to catching up and reading more. Thanks for writing so well!Peg


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