naughty bawdy winners

The True Random Number Generator on has picked the winners of the three copies of Monsieur Montespan written by Jean Teulé;

# 47 – Honey

# 41 – Jill 

# 34 – Metropolitan Mum

Congratulations to the winners (enjoy your naughty historical fiction!) and thanks to all who entered and liked me.

(I like being liked).


P.S. Another book giveaway coming soon…

6 responses to “naughty bawdy winners”

  1. Grats winners!!! =)


  2. Congrats to the winners! xo


  3. F the winners. …. I'm totally kidding. And jealous. I want to win books too. : ) can't wait for the next giveaway!


  4. I'm not much of a joiner or contest participant but I do like you very much girlie!


  5. Lucky winners, I enjoy Metropolitan Mum very much.


  6. Congrats to the winners! I guess I'll just go buy the book. You're that good of a saleswoman!


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