Secrets of Love Winners…

Thanks to the genius of, the three winners of Hector and the Secrets of Love have been selected…

No. 30 Erin

No. 23 flwrjane

No. 20 Meredith

Thank you to everyone who entered.

P.S. (you know how I love my post scripts) I’ll be back with oh là là, oh là là: Part 2 as soon as I can get The Husband settled. It’s the second day of his four day weekend and it’s been raining nonstop… C R A N K Y  

5 responses to “Secrets of Love Winners…”

  1. Yay for us!! Merci Sara Louise.xo Jane


  2. great little give away! have a great weekend and hopefully the rain stops!


  3. congrats to the winners ;-)have a good weekend girl!


  4. Aww thank you, Sara! I'm so excited to get my book! 🙂


  5. Hey Sara, We're going to be in Cassis, Hyeres and St Tropez next week – email me if you're near any of them!


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