over in a flash

Today you can find me here over at my friend, Ami’s blog, Fit With Flash.
And after that, you should stick around and check out Ami’s other posts; she’s very witty, and she’s very pretty, and very fit. (she’s really freaking fit).

That blog name is no joke. 
I’m off to jog.


7 responses to “over in a flash”

  1. Dear Sara,wonderful post with really really beautiful pictures. I can smell and see, closing my eyes, your Le Petit Village!Bisou, Babi


  2. Great post and beautiful pictures!


  3. Great post with GORGEOUS pictures! Have a great weekend.


  4. Great post Sara! Definitely going to check out that blog!


  5. Beautiful guest post you did over there. The photos are so picturesque!xo katie elizabethohheyylife.blogspot.com


  6. Love the guest post! What a beautiful morning view 🙂 And that's so great that you jog, I wish I could be that motivated!!!


  7. Am looking forward to reading your guest post!Enjoy your week. Cheers!


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