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It’s a brilliant day. Not only did Backyard Provence nominate me for the 7 Links Project, but  A Seasonal Cook in Turkey did too. Brilliant, since I haven’t been doing much of anything to report on. I’m not quite ‘100%’ yet, I’m like ‘79%’. Not failing, but not even a B and that’s not acceptable. So getting nominated by these two is fantastic, thanks guys.

The 7 Links Project is where, “bloggers publish 7 links from their blog to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.”

I can do that.

(FYI: the topics came along with the nomination)

My most beautiful post: Well that would have to be this post entitled; The Husband. Why? Because it’s all about The Husband and he’s so pretty, that’s why. 
My most popular post: What do you think makes a post more popular? More hits, or more comments? I can’t decide, so we’ll do both (I’m feeling extravagant). My most popular post by hits is Midnight Time To Wake Up, which is weird, because; 1) it only got 13 comments, and 2) it has only recently shot up in hits and it’s a big ol’ mystery to me as to why (like everyday it’s getting more hits than everything else… weird, no?). So I’ve been looking into it, trying to figure out why, and there are a few referring sites in my stats that are Russian and have a bunch of Viagra info on them. WTF? I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Maybe ‘Midnight Time To Wake Up’ is some sort of Russian euphemism for you know, waking up… down there. Moving on. By comments, the most popular is Shattered. The post all about having all my china and Waterford broken. Just writing that depresses me (but what doesn’t depress me is all the sweet support you guys gave me… thank you).  
My most controversial post: Um, not too sure, because what I may think of as being controversial, you may think is totally tame. Plus, I don’t really do controversial, I like to keep Le Petit Village a light hearted, easy breezy kind of place, because heaven knows, the world is controversial enough on it’s own, it certainly doesn’t need any help from yours truly.  That said, I’m picking two again (re: extravagant); Inappropriate which was about the time The Husband got hit on by his doctor (because he’s so pretty), and Strike, because a couple of commentators got a little persnickety with each other. So yeah, I guess that one was kind of controversial (completely unintentional on my part). 
My most helpful post: That would definitely have to be; This Award Could Save Your Life, which is full of survival tips if you ever find yourself stuck in Le Petit Village. I wish I had read it before moving here. Of course, that would have been impossible (impossible without a DeLorean and 1.21 gigawatts anyway).

A post whose success surprises me:  All of them. I know that’s kind of cheating, but it’s true. I’m continually amazed that people read my inane ramblings. But, so as not to be a cheater, the one that surprised me the most was when my father passed away.  The outpouring of support astonished me and made me feel truly blessed. I’m going to say thank you again, to all of you for that. And that’s all I’m going to say because otherwise I’ll get all mushy and that’s not how I want to start my day. Next.
(Sidebar: comment wise this was clearly the most ‘popular’ but it would be kind of tacky to keep it in the running.)

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: I am going to be bold and cheat here, because they’ve all gotten plenty of attention. If one person other than my mother (or The Husband, when I make him) reads/ comments on a post, it’s gotten plenty of attention, and more than I ever thought it would have when I started this blog.

The post I am most proud of: Sticking to the ‘I’m feeling extravagant theme’… I’m going with two again; Learning By Osmosis, because it was my very first post, and I’m proud that I actually did something I said I was going to do, i.e.; start a blog. And the guest post I did over at Misadventures With Andi. I’m particularly proud of this, because Andi had asked me to write it, and I had a couple of weeks to do so, but in the meantime my dad had gotten sick and I was a bit distracted (and procrastinating). But then my dad took a turn for the worst, and I pretty much knew that he was leaving me, and I would be hopping a plane to the states, so the morning he passed (like three hours before I got the call), I sat down and I wrote it. I was really proud of me for getting it done, considering. And I think it came out pretty good.  

I got mushy again.

In Love With San Diego

In My World…

Misadventures With Andi

Stranded in Cleveland

You Say Potato, I Say Vodka

you have been nominated

P.S. I promise that I will have more interesting stuff to post about soon, because there’s interesting things afoot. Oh yes, yes there are. 

13 responses to “7 Links”

  1. Thanks for sharing these older posts! I've already read through a couple, and i think I'll have to read through a few more! : )


  2. Sara,I loved your guest post and am so amazed that you could write such a beautiful piece with the turmoil in your life at the time! The melons are ready here in CO so I think it is time for some cantaloupe with Port – the list today of old posts reminded me to go find that post and prepare the melons for some weekend relaxation and yumminess.Have a great le petit village day!Jess


  3. I'm not surprised at your popularity. You're a hard person not to like.


  4. These are all great posts! Thanks for resharing.


  5. I love all your posts! Keep them coming!


  6. I love all your posts too – and what a fun blog game! Happy Thursday! xx.


  7. Awww I remember when your china broke…I was so angry!!! I sooo know how that feels! Those stupid postal workers — I hope their parts all fell off. It was fun going back through some of your older posts — AND — I cannot wait to hear about these things which are afoot!!


  8. Thanks Sara! I will so this as soon as I get back in the swing of things 🙂


  9. These were great Sara! You are a terrific writer and story-teller!


  10. Great job with the 7 links! I remember so many of those posts…and they brought me lots of smiles and laughs (except the Shattered one of course, remember that one well too, arghh!) – keep up the great work Sara, we all love your blog 🙂


  11. Sara, Thanks so much for nominating Stranded in Cleveland! Just back from vacation today, so I'll work on the post later this week. Thanks, again!!!


  12. Shattered was one of the first posts that I read on here, and I was obviously hooked! 🙂


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