Brazil Day

What does Brazil have to do with Le Petit Village? Nothing. Nothing is the answer. Until now. Every year like most villages in France, Le Petit Village has a weekend festival… it’s full of wholesome carnival fun, loads of ridiculously inexpensive champagne (does anyone remember the dragged through the hedges incident from last year?) and a terrible band to dance to. Oh and of course there are fireworks too.

(A little sidebar about the fireworks… this year they were shot off at the bottom of the hill in front of my house, and as we sat on the grass at the top of the hill, the fireworks came down directly over our heads because they were so close. We had to look straight up to see them and it looked like umbrellas made of fireworks. It was magical. I oohed and awed like a small a child. I seriously did. I haven’t felt that full of magic and glee since my mother surprised me with a trip to see a live showing of The Magic Garden when I was six. Which was the best day ever by the way. Thanks Mom).

Anyway, back to the Brazilian connection…

A few months ago, Honey Jr and Brother-in-Law decided that 1) there weren’t enough parties in Le Petit Village and 2) the parties weren’t good enough, so they did what any sensible people would do, they formed a committee for parties (now there already is a party committee in the village but it is a little fogey like and in need of a shakeup). So not only did they form an official committee, but they decided that they were going to take over one whole day of la fête weekend and make it Brazil Day… or journee de Brésil.

{nice try}
Brazil Day kicked off on Saturday morning with a 10am football tournament played in front of Le Petit Bar. That’s The Cousin in white and Honey Jr in blue playing in the large sandbox erected by Brother-in-Law. Looks like they’re playing pretty good doesn’t it? Well not good enough. Their team didn’t make it to the finals, but The Husband’s did. Then he lost but that was OK. Prize for second place was a bottle of champagne (much better than the first prize of free lunch at Le Petit Bar). 
Oh, and do you see that sand? It was more like orange clay and we all spent a couple days after with orange feet. We looked like oompaloompas who got their toes caught in the fake tanning jar. 
After the football tournament, there was a volleyball one. Baby Cousin and Bubble won it. First prize for that one was a bottle of champagne, and I stole it. 
See that’s me stealing the champagne alongside Bubble who actually won it. And if you look closely, you’ll see my green and yellow manicure in honor of Brazil Day (I can be festive when I need to be). 
We had a DJ at Brazil Day too. There was a special box erected just for him (by Brother-in-Law of course… he’s very handy that one). It sat to the left of the entry to Le Petit Bar. There was another box set up to the right that sat empty. Well it sat empty until I decided to turn it into my very own V.I.P. box for the day. You want to know what it was supposed to be? It was supposed to be a cocktail bar (as Honey Jr had previously arranged with The Parisian). But do you think that The Parisian made one single cocktail let alone had stock on hand to make a Caipirinha?


No he did not.


P.S. And check this out… Le Petit Bar ran out of whiskey… surprise surprise… so The Cousin popped over to l’épicerie, bought a bottle, and brought it over. And it was €4 cheaper too.

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11 responses to “Brazil Day”

  1. Two bottles of champagne and a VIP box? Sounds like a good weekend to me!


  2. Yippee – sounds awesome!!


  3. The French can party, right?! I´m leaving today for Biarritz and I remember there´s always some kind of a festival going on. They´re selling shirts and other stuff at Carrefour especially for this event. Last year we´ve got 4 coffee mugs 😉 (and a little bit of rose and champagne, haha)xo oui oui Doro


  4. The fireworks sound like they were amazing. I would had loved to see that.


  5. I for one think this is awesome! Next year I recommend flying me out as a consultant 😉 But question, where was the stupidly cold (brazilian phrase) beer?!


  6. Nice fete!! And look at you,the champagnes almost bigger than you are. 🙂 looks like someone would enjoy a raclette party!


  7. I wish I was in your Le Petite Village! Sounds like a blast!!! Can't wait to hear about this years festival and photos…..


  8. Brazil day is awesome!! You gotta take this fete International Sara, how fun is your Petit Village – love it!


  9. Brazil Day sounds fabulous. What I miss most about living in Europe are the constant festivals. So cool. Not enough of them here in the States.


  10. hahaha, I love that they created their own committee. Nice!!


  11. i LOVE it! We need to have french day… ill throw it in my apartment even.. drink lots of really good wine, relax and dress really well all around town =)


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