a blogapalooza & a goodbye

Hang in there kids… it’s a going to be a long one…

On a very grey and wet Saturday in November, seven expat bloggers braved the rain to meet up for lunch in a tiny Corsican restaurant in Avignon for Blogapalooza, the second (the first one was in Aix last March).

Some of the same faces were there but some new ones as well; Sarah of St Bloggie de Riviere came along with Samantha from Life, Love, and Living in France, Ameena from Mummy in Provence, (and to any Americans reading this… that’s Mummy like Mommy, not mummy like scary, dead, Pharaoh), B from Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Cheese, Aidan from Conjugating Irregular Verbs (I don’t seem to do much of anything without Aidan nowadays do I? Well I don’t, and I don’t want to, so there… I may or may not have stuck my tongue out at my laptop right now). Crafty Kirsty from You Had Me at Bonjour and Piglet from Piglet in France came with the two newest additions… babies!

In fairness, the babies were there for the last Blogapalooza but they just weren’t out yet. So really, they weren’t the newest additions; Sarah, Ameena, and Samantha were. But anyways.

We couldn’t have picked a better day if we tried, while the rest of Avignon seemed to have stayed indoors and out of the rain, we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. How cool is that? We got to speak English in our American, Australian and British accents as loud as we wanted without dealing with any stares from other tables. That’s pretty much an expats idea of heaven… chatter, gossip, chatter in our native tongue without fear of the French stares.

And after three hours of chattering, laughing, and sharing stories it was time to head back into the rain. Aidan, B and I had some place to be. You see, not only was the weekend in Avignon a happy Blogapalooza occasion, it was a sad one too.

{throw another shrimp on the barbie mate}

(Sidebar: do you see that old map of Ireland hanging behind B & M? My Mom has the same one hanging in her house. No wonder I felt so at home at that pub. Pub = Mom’s house. Huh. It all makes sense now.)

It was our goodbye to B and her husband, M. My buddy B. My little Australian koala is headed back to Australia with her husband to have their baby, and start their life fresh again in Melbourne. 
So since we were blogapaloozing for the afternoon, we decided to bring our husbands along and make a weekend out of it. A proper goodbye weekend. 

After lunch we found our husbands in an Irish pub having pints and watching rugby (shocking right?!). There wasn’t really anything to do but join them. I mean it was raining outside, and the rugby was on. Pints all around please (except for B… her baby koala didn’t want one).

Pints, rugby, chat, laugh, repeat… was followed by dinner at Fou de Fafa. Listen up my little friends… if you find yourself in Avignon, Fou de Fafa is where you want to eat. Holy schnikeys it was good! But you have to make reservations, they are always booked solid, because yeah, it’s that good.

Moving on.

Of course we couldn’t just say goodnight and bid adieu after dinner… no no no… it was a goodbye weekend after all, so what to do to but return to the Irish pub where someone had this clever idea…

{you never learn, do you}
And that someone was not me.
And then the next thing you know, after you’ve been hand-jiving to songs from Grease (in a pub… so embarrassing), and it’s the wrong side of midnight and you think that we all really should be saying goodnight, but then someone (not me again) has the maybe-not-so-brilliant idea to beg the night watchmen at the hotel for a bottle of wine from the bar so that we can keep on saying goodbye… so we did. 
Then morning comes and that same person who was looking for wine on the wrong side of midnight isn’t feeling so hot (and again… not me). 
But then we really had to say goodbye because unfortunately, crazy fun weekends saying goodbye to friends in Avignon don’t last forever. 
To B & M… 
wishing you both 
much love, luck, and happiness 
back in Australia. 
Le Petit Village will miss you.
gros bisous
P.S. Happy Birthday Miss Minnesota! I hope your year is full of silver dollar pancakes.

13 responses to “a blogapalooza & a goodbye”

  1. Hee hee, I love hangover stories. At least no one woke up in a hedge outside the hotel. Bon voyage B and M, and all the best for the impending appearance of Raj!


  2. I wonder who it could have been? Not you? Not B cause of the baby koala? It must have been M. Yes. It was definitely M.We will miss you so much. The South of France just lost a bit of its sunshine.a xo


  3. Sounds like a very happy and sad weekend all in one. As we are often in Avignon during lunch it seems and have found few good options, I am definitely going to try out your Fou de Fafa.


  4. It was awesome meeting all of you guys! Sorry, B is leaving, but she did say the next Blogapalooza would be in Australia, right?


  5. You are so fortunate to have such a great group of blog buddies over there. Best of luck to your Aussie friends!!


  6. You're killing me smalls!!!!This made me smile, then awww, then smile, then sniffle a bit. Or a lot. It was a perfect farewell weekend – only it's NOT farewell because you lot WILL be coming to Australia and I'm going to make The Husband fall so in love with our sports-and-meat-mad land that he will never want to return to France! NEVER!I miss you already. Thank god for blogs and skype and facebook. Love you little lady. Getting to know you has been one of the best things about living in France. Bisous


  7. Pub = Mom's house. LOL!Looks like you all had a fabulous time. 🙂 Friends and farewells. Great post.


  8. That sounds like an incredibly good time!!


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  10. That all sounds so lovely. Goodbyes are sad but they can also make the most lovely memories!


  11. So cool that you all got to get together! xo


  12. Ex-pat bloggers! I seriously like this idea.I have never met any bloggers in real life. It would be fun!


  13. What a fun blogger meetup! I so wish I were an expat living in France too…I would love to meet all of you! And…I just love France :)xoxo,JOelle


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