a little about everything & nothing

So yesterday, while Fifty was busy blogging about Chula’s book giveaway, and updating his Facebook page (I curse the day I taught him to type… now someone wants his very own Macbook for Christmas and well, that’s just not going to happen), I was moonlighting over on Jen’s blog A Little About Everything and Nothing.

Pop on over and read my moonlighting writing here.

And if you haven’t already (and you really, really should) enter to win an autographed copy of Dog Trots Globe here.

over and out.


5 responses to “a little about everything & nothing”

  1. That is so cool that living in France was always your dream!!! How inspiring 🙂


  2. Apple no longer carries the MacBook…get him an Air.


  3. So cute… Fifty needs his own reality show I think. That dog is seriously a big fool! xo


  4. oh, a mac book for xmas. i'd love a computer that worked properly.


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