my favorite Christmas ornament…

… (besides my ceramic, miniature red Starbucks cup) is this Guinness t-shirt beermat and I’m going to tell you why… it commemorates one of my favorite weekends of all time.

It started on a Friday. I had taken a half day at work and as I left, I picked up some lunch and headed over to see The Husband. You see, back then, The Husband was only The Boyfriend and even though he lived in Dublin, he had just returned from six weeks in France. Being newly together you can only imagine how sucky those six weeks were.
Points of Greatness to note…. 1. half-days off on Friday are awesomesauce. 2. I had gotten my boyfriend back. Oh and 3. (which I failed to mention above) I had gotten my hair beautifully blow dried right after work but before picking up lunch, so I had perfect shiny, bouncy, swinging hair (helps to increase the fabulousity of any weekend).

Afternoon of cuddles and flirting by hair flipping over, I headed off to meet Bibbie for a drink at La Cave. Bibbie is my Scottish cousin who I had shared an apartment with for a couple of years. We also worked together, hung out together, and shared a brain because when you are together with someone as much as we were, that happens – I MISS YOU BIBBIE – . But she had moved back to Scotland leaving me a sad little half-brained person. On this weekend, the weekend of optimum greatness, she had returned for a visit and carafes of wine at our favorite French wine bar in Dublin.
Points of Greatness to note…1. My Bibbie was visiting and 2. we shared some wine at my absolute favorite place to drink wine. Enough said.

We pulled ourselves away from La Cave because we had to go and meet some people for dinner… including Disco Gayle. That’s right, you read that correctly, Disco Gayle from Texas was in Dublin too. (I told you, it was a pretty monumental weekend). Not only were we meeting Disco Gayle, The Husband and a bunch of other people (who I will not mention individually for the sake of brevity), but we were eating at Jade, my favorite/ the best Chinese food in Dublin.
Points of Greatness to note… 1. Disco Gayle was in Dublin (Disco Gayle’s motto is: Has Passport. Will Travel). 2. Disco Gayle, Bibbie, The Husband, and me all together in the same place at the same time and 3. eating at Jade, which has since closed… we can blame the economic downturn on that one or we can blame it on the fact that Bibbie and I stopped eating there five times a week. Who knows.

On Friday nights, dinner should always be followed by dancing, so naturally, that’s what we did. And we did it at Sin è. Sin è was the best place for dancing away Friday nights on the Northside. The best. But guess what… it’s also now closed. That damn recession.
Point of Greatness…1. Dancing at Sin è… may it now rest in peace.

And now to the crux of the weekend, the pinnacle, the pièce de résistance if you will; Saturday evening was Ireland’s final match in the 2009 Rugby Six Nations. It was against Wales and Ireland was one win away from winning the whole kit and kaboodle, the Grand Slam. All pubs in Dublin were packed, but there we were, me and three of my favorite people, in a pub, together, with prime seats in perfect viewing of the match on the television. Score.

And Ireland won (point of greatness obviously).

It was pandemonium.

I grabbed the beer mat and shoved it in my pocket.

And that my friends is the story of my favorite ornament. 

14 responses to “my favorite Christmas ornament…”

  1. I just recently got into rugby. It's not on TV often in the US, but there's just something about a group of men beating each other up. hahaha I guess footballs is the closest thing I'm gonna get in NY. P.S. I want a starbucks cup ornament! lol


  2. I hung in breathless till the end.Wonderful weekend, even better story. xo Jane


  3. Oh I have been bad bloggy friend and haven't visited in aggeeessss. How could I have missed 'big cheese' (although such a nasty, crazy character I think he deserves to be written out in future), fifty is looking quite grown up – and you – funny .. witty .. just like always. Promise to come back more now I will be on hol's for 3.5 weeks (had to add the .5 to show you how excited I am) .. and wishing you a very happy Christmas (-:


  4. What a nice memory…complete with a commemorative ornament! I'll be in the U.S for several weeks for xmas and paperwork (death) and will be away from my new boyfriend which I'm not looking fwd. to but your story comforted me. The weeks will fly by..very much like this year!Happy Holidays, Sara!


  5. I don't know much about rugby but I do know a bit about packed Irish pubs… Merry Christmas Sara.


  6. Can't go wrong with a beer Christmas ornament really. Hope you're drinking plenty of Guinness in preparation for Christmas!


  7. Yes! EVERYTHING is better with bouncy, shiny, flippy, hair.I have a Caribou cup ornament! It's one of my favs (a rival of Starbucks here in Minnesota).


  8. It's now my favorite as well 😉


  9. I love ornaments that go along with a story. Makes them all the more special!


  10. I love ornaments that go along with a story. Makes them all the more special!


  11. Bouncy hair makes everything better. I truly believe that was the good karma that made the entire day/weekend so effing cool. @GlamKitten88


  12. My husband makes me stuff beer mats in my purse every time he find a pub he likes. I don't know why I have to steal them, and honestly I think they are free. But he always hands them to me under the table and whispers “Hurry, put these in your purse.” I don't get it, but I always do it for him. : ) Love the ornament. I should make make some for Erik to hang on the tree!


  13. This is brilliant! I can imagine the pandemonium! I am guilty of stuffing beer mats into my purse – I know when I leave Ireland I'll want those momentos.Thank you so much for following my blog, and for letting me find yours! I can't wait to make a cup of coffee (no tea for me) and settle in to catch up! Also, a million thank yous for that link to SNL online – we most definitely are related.


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