let's pretend it's 2010

Alright kids, it’s like this… I’ve got nothing. Seriously. Nothing going on here. I can neglect my blog, or we can travel back in time with an old post from the archives. So yeah, that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going back two years… to a simpler time, a time when The Husband was The Boyfriend and Le Petit Village had been my home for only a few months.

Originally titled Should Have Bought the Dyson and posted on 27th January 2010

I wanted this…

I got this…

I begged for the Dyson but The Boyfriend wouldn’t hear it;

“€3oo?! For a vacuum?”

“Yes, but it’s worth it. They last forever and nothing cleans like a Dyson.”

This is the conversation we had in July when I was visiting Le Petit Village before moving here. We were making a list of things that we needed to have when I arrived in September. It was a short list because I wanted us to buy most things together after I arrived (The Boyfriend needs to be supervised while shopping. He’s been known to go rogue. One time he tried to buy a 3D Mohammad Ali poster for our living room). But there were somethings that couldn’t wait, like a washer, dryer, and a vacuum.

The washer dryer, oh the washer dryer!

Our house does not have a place for both a washer and a dryer. If we had a back garden to hang the clothes out, I would be happy, drying the clothes and being kind to the environment at the same time. Fantastic! But we don’t have a back garden. So as crappy as they can be sometimes, an all in one washer and dryer was required. I said this to The Boyfriend. Of course I got the normal male response,

“But they’re so expensive”.

Yes, they are about €150 more than a straight washer but what choice did we have? We need the washer dryer. I didn’t want our house looking like an old Chinese Laundry with wet clothes drying over every radiator and chair.

He obviously didn’t get the point and why would he? I’m the one that would be doing the laundry. And this is not a sexist Suzy Homemaker thing. I like doing the laundry. When I do the laundry I know that the clothes get washed and ironed, and then lovingly folded and put in their proper designated place in wardrobe, dresser, or closet.

The Boyfriend does not do laundry. Only when there is literally nothing else for him to wear and he can no longer locate a bed, chair or couch underneath dirty clothes. Then, he will find someone to do laundry for him.

Case in point – The Boyfriend was visiting me in Dublin. I met him at the airport and hugged him. At this point I noticed that his white shirt seemed a bit grey around the edges. The rest of the clothes he brought with him were also dirty. We had to go shopping for new clothes. Who packs dirty clothes? Now you know the answer.

A month before I moved here, The Boyfriend phoned me very pleased with himself,

“I got a washing machine.”

“Oh, that’s great” I was thrilled to be able to cross something off the list.

And then he said,“But where are you going to dry the clothes?”

Sometimes The Boyfriend’s memory is not the best… rugby damage.

Huge sigh from my end. And then a few deep breaths. And then I used my colorful vocabulary reserved for special occasions.

So now when I do laundry, I have to hoof it to Boyfriend’s Brother’s house and hang the clothes on his line. This is a pain in my petunia.

And as far as the vacuum goes, needless to say I didn’t get the Dyson. I arrived in September to a little red vacuum bought on sale for €40. And I got about €40 worth of cleaning out of it. It died this morning, only four months old, making the most pitiful sound on it’s way out. I think I’m going to throw a party. Me, the little red vacuum, and a baseball bat. I have some emotions I would like to share with the little red vacuum.

As soon as The Boyfriend arrives home tonight as much as I try to hide it, I’m sure my face will be plastered with it’s I told you so smirk.

Sidebar – I swear, I am not as high maintenance as I seem. I’m just a little anal, a tad controlling, with a healthy dash of OCD.

It’s a soft and cuddly mix.
P.S. I did finally get my Dyson, and I named him Buddy. And of course I blogged about it. You can
read all about Buddy here

P.P.S Please check out my friend Barbara’s blog post about Frederic and Mark’s plight to stay together as a family in the US (and do me a solid and spread the word and/ or write a letter

19 responses to “let's pretend it's 2010”

  1. A 3D Mohammad Ali poster?! I'm kind of intrigued…And yeah, I feel you on the Dyson, still waiting on mine. But in the meantime I also have a little Ironman colored red vaccuum that is on its last legs one year later…


  2. Don't feel too bad about not having a combination washer/dryer in your house. We bought one for our house in Sablet because we don't have room for both a washer and a dryer. It washes great but the dryer side sucks to say it bluntly.


  3. Oh no, I had exactly the same hoover until I begged that we could buy a good expencive one, also because I'm the one using it. Luckily I got a good one, but our house looks like a mess anyway (only washer,no dryer..broken fridge and eveything). Oh and when I arrived here, we had “Big Lebowski” poster in the bedroom.. Until one day it just disappeared. Hate posters.. :p


  4. memory lane….how we wander.i am envious of buddy every time i pull out my dyson wanna be in the battle against dog hair. that makes for a lot of envy. a xo


  5. I hear you about drying clothes. Here in Brazil you dry them in a laundry area, basically on a rack that hangs above the washer. I finally got my first dryer months ago and almost mounted my husband in the store. I didn't know if I should be proud of that or sad that I now get that excited over appliances 😉


  6. I'm cracking up, because you would not believe how happy I was when I found a Dyson here in Abu Dhabi. You would have thought my husband had bought me a diamond necklace, the smile on my face walking out of the store with my new Dyson was from ear to ear. I had one back in the states, but I had to leave it behind with everything else I owned with a plug.


  7. I'm already wanting my own city Dyson, I'm only 19 is that bad? xxx


  8. Glad you finally got your Dyson! That was an enjoyable post! I just stopped by from SITS to say hello; hop you find time to do the same.


  9. LOL Glad you got your Dyson, well, um, Buddy. hahaha Don't you love being a healthy dash of OCD? It's a great topping to any mix. lol!


  10. So did you go all “Officespace” on the red vacuum with the baseball bat?


  11. I mean seriously, vacuums are ridiculously expensive. Necessary evil…


  12. Man, he's complaining about the price of a vacuum but wants a 3D Ali poster! No can do. I'm on your side on that one. Glad you finally got your vacuum. By the way. I don't have a dryer either. My clothes are all hung up around the house like a Chinese laundry. It was worse when all 4 kids were at home. They would just end up playing hide and seek in the sheets that were drying, then the sheets would fall on the ground and get dirty again. Long story short, we never slept in clean sheets.


  13. Normally I read your blog at work, which is excellent for entertainment purposes, but not so much for commenting. Point being, I love your blog and may be slightly living vicariously through you.


  14. Dyson is by far the best vacuum and I love all the little gadgets that come with it!http://fashion-gourmet.blogspot.com


  15. I love it! So glad you finally got your Dyson in the end. You can't beat them – even I know that, and vacuuming and I are NOT close.


  16. Wait! Do you still go to your brother-in-law's house to hang your clothes to dry??? AAAAAAAH!


  17. Hahaha! When Mr. Stranded and I first moved in together, we had many a conversations like yours. Now he just lets me do whatever I want. But do you seriously have to lug your laundry to your brother-in-law's? That's crazy!


  18. 1) french rugby players ARE hot. thanks for the information and the link. :)2) i like how you blame your boyfriend's scatterbrained antics on rugby damage hahhahahha!!!! (i think i blame my boyfriend's on beer damage)3) i still want a dyson. price aside. i dont care what anyone says about it!


  19. Good Morning Sara, Michele in Canada told me that she read about our situation over here.Thank you so much for doing this. I mean, you don't even know us so to take the time and space, on your site to write about us, is such a beautiful thing to do. I'm not sure the majority of the World knew that something like this could happen before last week. Now thanks to the blogesphere, tons now do.You are not only helping us but thousands of Families just like ours.Once again, thank you very much. You don't know how much this means to me.Your New Friend, m. Oh, and uh, Frederic of Verzenay.p.s. I hope you don't lose any Followers over standing up for us. m.


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