the debacle

Here’s the thing… I like to stretch out my birthday for as long as possible (you’re totally surprised by this, aren’t you?), and this year, the bajiggityness of living in Le Petit Village made this very easy for me.

You know how my actual birthday was last Saturday? Well my original celebration plans went like this… Friday night romantic dinner à deux with The Husband, then watch Six Nations rugby on Saturday, followed by tapas at the wine bar with the whole Le Petit Village crew (Honey Jr., Honey’s Honey, Child Bride… you know the crew).

The Perfect birthday plan.

Until we found out that; 1) Honey Jr and Honey’s Honey were going to the theatre in Avignon on the Saturday (and on my birthday, the cheek of them!). 2) Apparently the wine bar is closed for winter. 3) One off the two restaurants remotely near us is currently closed because the couple that run it had a baby a few weeks ago (Did the baby not know that it was my birthday? So rude) and 4) the other restaurant is only open on Saturday nights at the moment because it’s been cold (Seriously, that’s the reason).

New perfect birthday plan… Six Nations rugby in the afternoon, followed by dinner à deux with The Husband at the one and only restaurant remotely near us, on the one day of the week that it is opened, and then a week later, return to the same restaurant with the whole Le Petit Village crew so everyone can partake in the joy that is my birthday.

Perfect, until I remembered that Ireland was playing against France that very night at 9pm and there was no way José that I’d miss it.

But then The Husband, in the most excellent demonstration of husbandy love did something magnificent… he called the one and only restaurant remotely near us that is open (on Saturdays) and asked if there was anyway on that very night that we would be dining there to celebrate my birthday, if they would be so kind as to put the match on the television for us, so I wouldn’t miss it. And the sweet lady said she would, since it was my birthday and all.

And I was happy. I was so very happy.

Then The Husband, in another magnificent demonstration of husbandy love, surprised me with a birthday cake after dinner! The whole Le Petit Village crew sang happy birthday to me, in English, badly, but I didn’t care because I was oh so happy. Delicious food and wine, great friends, bad singing, followed by Ireland vs. France rugby. Perfect.

But then, two minutes after the scheduled kickoff time, the match was cancelled, because it’s so cold.

Seriously. Cancelled.


{Do they not read my blog? 
If they read my blog, they would know that it’s been cold}


18 responses to “the debacle”

  1. You so funny. But you're right, the place closes down in the cold – everyone was freaking out about the snow forecast on Friday. IKEA shut early for crying out loud. It's a bit of snow, people! Glad you had an (almost) perfect Petit Village birthday meal regardless. x


  2. You still got to drag that birthday out for a week though!!!!! clever girl!


  3. Congrats on dragging it out [er, extending] for a whole week. Don't know what we are going to do about this weather thing. It's been so warm on the East Coast this winter that when they forecasted snow in DC last week, the Federal government allowed people to leave early if they wanted [er, felt the need] to… then they got nada! We are suffering “fear of snow” while it stays in the 40's.While you have the real thing. Stay warm and have another party!


  4. Sounds like a lovely birthday – your cake looks delicious! What a shame those wussy rugger boys let you down. Mind you it was snowing in Rome yesterday – ROME! We are a Welsh husband and English wife living in England and France, so only thing we all agree on at this time of year is we hate Scotland LOL! xxx


  5. There we were, settled on the couch in front of RTE with cheese and onion crisps and wine while a beef stew bubbled away for consumption during the match when……well, huge disappointment all around. Glad you managed to salvage a nice evening.


  6. Hahaha, I love this – everything just because of the freakin' cold weather. I mean, really. Are we the only two that are pretty sick of this cold crap? Come on, spring!!


  7. Your birthday plans sounds perfect; sorry to have it affected by all that cold weather. I hope it warms up soon. We are coming to Provence soon and I want warm weather and sunshine; I hope I am not asking for too much.


  8. I think it's very civilized that they close things in the cold. Not on your birthday of course (an obvious exception) but otherwise, I think it's a great rule. Everything closes and everybody gets to stay home when it's cold. And by cold I mean below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. (P.S. My birthday is this Friday and I too stretch it out as long as possible. In fact around here the month is known as “Teresarary.” And I'm kind of pissed off it's a short month! 😉 )


  9. sorry your plans were affected, try and make the best of the time though!! thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :)) keep visiting. i hope to see u soon :))xoxo hanzmy links :)-


  10. Okay, so I'm a little late…but Happy Birthmonth, Sara! I'll allow you to extend it even longer and we'll celebrate again when you're here, okay? As for that match, I got all settled in to watch it as well. Couldn't believe they cancelled at that last moment. Did they not watch the weather forecasts? Hmmm…bizarre. See you soon.


  11. Absence is prohibited in Italy, but I fond in Slovenia!So my husband is very very happy!I'm so in my “limbo” that I miss your birthday … so happy birthday my love, even if I'm late!I'm thinking to change my life like you, totally change … a big change!If you know there's a job for me in Le Petit Village … tell me because I can pack up now!Bisous, Babi


  12. Sounds like so much fun! Drats about the game being cancelled though!


  13. your hubby is one thoughtful man……but damn that cold! (seriously, they need to take a page from a vikings/green bay game book, ca. 1970s when they played outside in subzero temps and near blizzards!)sending along big happy birthday wishes, sara!! xoxoamanda


  14. Ha! I can't believe they didn't cancel until after the scheduled kick off time. I'm sure it didn't just suddenly become cold at kick off!!Bon anniversaire!!xo,Stephanie (Big Mario Life)


  15. Inspite of the match being cancelled, it sounds like a great birthday!


  16. Glad you finally were able to do the big celebration (since that's what wonderful birthdays are all about, right). What the heck is with the canceled game. Come on players, real men don't get cold!Ashley (backyardprovence)PS-I hope this posts cuz I think I finally found away around my computer not wanting to let me leave comments!


  17. LOL This is so funny, Sara. Your life is very here and there and quite entertaining for the rest of us. Happy Birthday again.


  18. This post makes me happy 🙂


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