"we've got a blogger down, I repeat, a blogger is down"

What I feared would happen, has happened. My wonderful Florence Nightingale performance with The Husband has left me with la grippe. But, France is in the middle of a flu epidemic after all, so maybe I was bound to get it.

So here I am, in bed, with a cup of tea (which of course I had to make myself… grumble grumble, growl growl, **insert other unhappy noises**), propped up on pillows with a head that feels like it’s both floating and going to explode.

Can you tell I’m cranky?

I’m cranky.

On the bright side… Honey’s Honey will be walking Fifty today. Yesterday I walked Fifty in my pyjamas (in France! Shock. Horror. Right?), because I only had the energy to either A. get dressed or B. walk the dog, not A + B, and since Fifty had to go pee pee, pyjama dog walking it was. I’m sure I’m the scandal of the village.

But that’s nothing new really.
sicky icky bisou
P.S. QUICK! What’s your favorite TV show? I’m looking to ease my insufferable lonely and sick boredom. 
P.P.S. As soon as I ditch the French germ factory that has taken up residence inside my body, I will be back to tell you all about Honey B’s surprise party, and my trip to Aix last weekend. I’ll miss you guys. 

55 responses to “"we've got a blogger down, I repeat, a blogger is down"”

  1. Ugh, being sick is the worse. I'm sending good ~.:VIBES:.~ your way for a speedy recovery!Come check out my post about my home office!www.houseofhemingway.com


  2. Men are NOT good nurses generally. I had knee surgery a couple of years ago and after being placed on the couch my hubs LEFT ME THERE for hours. I bust his boules about it to this day. Note to Men: anything Tiffany Blue is good. ANYTHING. lolMy favorite TV show is American Idol. I'm such a douche. But it's everything!


  3. You can make me laugh even when you are feeling lower than owl-poop… Dog-walking in pjs? Love it, and I think that you should make it your goal to always be the talk of the Petit Village, bien sûr!Feel better, mon amie!Bises,Genie


  4. Are you better yet? I'm going through withdrawals 😉


  5. Feel better! There's nothing worse than being sick.


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