let the sunshine in

Everyone loves sunshine, especially me. To this day I have no idea how I managed to live in Dublin for  six years (in six years I think we got like, maybe thirty days of sunshine) without developing a serious vitamin D deficiency and a penchant for Emo-ness. And since sunshine is the cat’s meow, I was stoked when Jacqui at French Village Diaries, Lee I at Traveling Sardine Class, and Michel at Our House in Provence passed on this sunshine award to me within days of each other (how lucky am I?). I’ll take a little sunshine any which way I can get it. 

This particular sunshine comes with a set of questions to answer and it’s to be passed along to ten bloggers. Well you know me, I never follow the rules, except today, I’m going to break my own rule of breaking rules, by following the rules (see what I did there… I outsmarted myself).

Favourite Color? That depends on for what. For instance if we’re talking cars, I like black, for clothing, I tend to like neutrals because I’m boring, and in the home, I’ve been obsessed with pops of chartreuse. That said I’m going to say blue. I like the color blue.

Favorite Animal? I feel like if I answered anything other than, dog, Fifty would be cross and spend the weekend pouting and trust me, nobody wants a pouting doggy so, dog (but I really really love horses and zebras and elephants)

Favorite Number? I want to say seven, but that’s such a cliché isn’t it? And here’s a question, what’s the deal with seven? Why do we like it? Since I don’t want to be a cliché, and I don’t really have a favorite number, I’m going to go with 14, The Husband’s old rugby number.

Favorite Drink? W I N E (but I am partial to a Grey Goose martini)

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook for the simple fact that I like to see photos of my friends and their children. I swear Facebook and Skype are an expat’s best friends. But, I do like to tweet (oh and Fifty wanted me to tell you that he likes Facebook the best and he really wants to be friends with all of you and if you want to be friends with him too, click here).

Your Passion? – Food and wine… learning about it, reading about it, enjoying it. Am I in the right country or what?

Giving or getting presents? Giving because seeing someone you love open a present that you just know will surprise them and that they’ll love gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Favourite Day? Before I moved to France I would have said Saturday, but here it’s definitely Sunday. There are no errands to run since everything is closed and we usually have lunch at Papa’s house that stretches about four hours (this directly corresponds with my passion above).

Favourite Flowers? Hydrangeas, peonies, and whatever wildflowers The Husband picks for me.

And now it’s my turn to spread a little sunshine:

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9 responses to “let the sunshine in”

  1. My passion would also be wiiine! I only really started loving it since moving to South Africa, but it's so fun to learn about different varietals, visit vineyards, and taste away :)xxxJenna


  2. I am similarly amazed that I lived west of Galway for 11 years and didn't shrivel up and melt away! I can't get enough of the sunshine here in Charente, more like my native Boston climate-wise, and am loving it so far. Of course you have to say “dog”. Hydrangeas are my very favorite flower so nice to see it on your list, too!Bon weekend,Katherine


  3. I feel so honored! I could use a little sunshine, especially since it is cloudy and rainy here!!


  4. Hey Sara, do you talk the same way you write because the Husband, Fifty, family and friends must always have either one eyebrow raised or laughing out loud. Thanks for entertaining me always. Bon weekend.


  5. Love learning a little more about you. I love all animals, but I think leopard just hits top marks with me 🙂 Have a great Sunday. Diane


  6. You have an elephant? I've never seen it there!And I'm glad that you chose Ms. Babs in France. Love her!m.


  7. Such a cute blog.. I loved reading through your answers :)thanks for the sweet comment on my blog..I'm your newest follower!followme@ http://www.studentswife.com


  8. Thanks so much Sara, and I agree with Barbara…. a little sunshine is very welcome in this German “summer.” 🙂


  9. what an honor to receive an award from such a big exciting blog! Thankyou! it's so intriguing to learn what blogs other bloggers read and i absolutely heart “Lacey in the City” and how she's slowing becoming an honorary Texan =)


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