the cat is out of the bag

ta da!

The Husband’s name is Gregory (not the French version, Grégoire) and he’s a Cancer.
He likes wrestling with Fifty, eating raw meat, sipping Rosé on the beach with Mr. London, and if he had been born a girl, he would have been named, Elodie, so I like to call him that from time to time even though he really doesn’t like it when I do (but I love it!).

Since we’re here, and I’m outing my husband, I’ll tell you some other stuff about him; he’s a great babysitter, there isn’t a kid in the world who doesn’t love him (if you don’t believe me you can ask Aidan and Kirsty and they’ll tell you all about ‘The Manny‘). He insists on eating his cereal out of the beautiful chocolat chaud mugs that French Mommy gave us for Christmas (this drives me batty), and he  makes me ‘do the frog’ on a daily basis. (‘The Frog’ is when I jump off the last three steps of the stairs and he catches me. According to Gregory, I look like a frog when I do this, hence the name, ‘the frog’.)

Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. I guess I kind of feel like maybe two and a half years of referring to my husband as The Husband, has kind of been wearing on me (I did ask his permission first). And I’m making his ‘coming out’ be in honor of my 600 followers (OK, it’s 599, but whatever… 599 people have felt compelled to click that blue box on the right and make my day and that’s something worth celebrating).

So anyway, that’s all I wanted to tell you today.

The Husband is named Gregory.

And now you know.


P.S. Out of curiosity, what did you think The Husband’s name could have been? 
P.P.S. Gregory might be a great babysitter, but check out who was watching over La Petite last year.  

57 responses to “the cat is out of the bag”

  1. gregory is muy attractive……which is fortunate because you are muy gorgeous and i would have hated to find out that you were one of those “mismatched couples”….in addition to learning that his name is gregory. well played blog of 599-followers…..well played.


  2. Hope you don't mind me saying so but you're Husband is very attractive!!!!!! Nice one!! also HUGE congratulations on 600 followers – amazing!!! and yes I would most defo buy the book!!Sharonxxxx


  3. Oooh la la, lovely name! Maybe he could have been a Lucas…I guess you don't have to have a French name if you are French…I'm Sophie and I'm not French!


  4. I did not expect Gregory! I think I've been calling him Bradley Cooper everytime you post his picture. “Oh look! Sara posted a picture of Bradley Cooper and Fifty.” That sort of thing.


  5. I love this! I have been wondering if I too should out my little family on my little blog… but I don't ever want to be able to be googled! Haha! Paranoid much? It's quite pitiful when I think about it, but I love being anonymous! I'm happy to officially “meet” Gregory! Bonjour! ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. I'm cheating because I've always known his name, but, I still maintain he's Bradley Coopers long lost (younger) twin.


  7. I am sorry, but whether you call him Husband or Gregory , it doesn't matter when he is that handsome.You could call him Mabel. He is gorgeous.I have always called my husband by his full name. Although sometimes I have been known to call him Doofus. shhhhh ~


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