la mia vita

{me in Madrid, about a million years ago}

Hey you! Guess what? I’m not here today. OK, I’m here obviously because I’m typing this but I’m also over at Nicole’s blog, La Mia Vita, filling in while she gets settled into her new digs in Madrid.

By the way, Madrid is one of my absolute most favorite places in the whole world. Right before I met The Husband, I was planning on moving to Madrid. True story. But in the interest of full disclosure, Madrid was tied with San Diego and London, but then it didn’t matter anyway because I met you know who and voila… here I am in The LPV.

Gee… Madrid vs. The LPV.


So pop on over to La Mia Vita and check out what I have to say today (click here) and then be sure to stick around and see how Nicole’s adventure in Madrid pans out. It’s going to be fantastic I’m sure because, yeah, it’s Madrid.

Laters Baby.
(That was me channeling Christian Gray)


11 responses to “la mia vita”

  1. Haha, amazing! Loving the channeling Christian Gray (that book is insane) and also the fact that i just found this blog…my husband and I are leaving for Madrid/Barcelona/Paris next week, and I am so thrilled to look around your blog and find some wonderful places to take him.


  2. Just popped over there and read your lovely real-life little story! So that's how you came to be in LPV!


  3. lol laters baby. love it. I am trying to make my way to Madrid before I go back to the US in December…its hard working six days a week though!! 😦


  4. Love that your channelling Mr Grey! xxx


  5. Sara, congrats! You are my Shopbop winner! Email me at πŸ™‚


  6. On my way! I start my Inspiration Girl guest post last night, it's very cute! I will hopefully finish it up tonight! xo


  7. Madrid is on my list of places to visit! Definitely going to check out your post. πŸ™‚


  8. That is such a sweet love story, Sara. True love in LPV beats Madrid any day.


  9. Yes ma'am! Heading to LMV for some LPV talk now!


  10. Oops nevermind, I already read that yesterday. I'm officially going crazy.


  11. I'm trying to get to Madrid in the next couple months to visit a friend, can't wait!


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