guestpost: ifs ands & Butts

Bonjour mes amies!

I have woken up this morning with two less visitors; my mother’s friends Miss Vicki and JoDelle have left Provence and headed North to Paris and have left my mother and Godmother here to keep me company for another week.

As life begins to slow to a normal pace and my staycation comes to a close, I leave you with the final guest post straight from Germany. Please give a warm and friendly bienvenue to Alex…


Bonjour friends of Sara, or as we say right across the border here in Germany, Hallo (or Guten Tag if you want to get extra stereotypical). I’m Alex from ifs ands & Butts (this is supposedly ‘punny’ because my last name is Butts). Anyway, Sara and I go way back. Not childhood back, something stronger. Our roots lie in Texas and our loyalty with The University of, you see.

But I’m not here to talk about that, I’m here to ramble about whatever other topic that pops into my head right now because Sara trusts me like that. How did I end up in Germany? Unlike Sara, I did not find love (yet?). Instead, I found a love for traveling and a tolerance for children that opened up doors to the former.

1/ Interlaken, Switzerland 2/ Vernazza, Italy 3/ Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany 4/ London, England 5/ Paris, France 6/ Istanbul, Turkey 7/ Copenhagen, Denmark

Anyway, as I am super scatter brained right now and can’t focus on one place or topic, I’m going to make up a travel game. It’s called

Airport/plane story: because we all have one.
Just last month, I flew back to Germany from Houston. Normally I have a direct flight, but this time the family booked it for me (can’t complain), so I flew British Airways with a stopover in London. Our flight was on time and we all boarded the plane and got settled. Shortly after, we were told there was a slight technical problem that would not keep us from flying, but we needed clearance from an engineering in London. Well, it was 9 pm Houston time, which was 3 am in London. Apparently there’s one dude with this clearance power and he was snoozing away so we sat on the runway for over 5 hours before homeboy got to work and cleared our aircraft. The flight attendants even said it was the most ridiculous excuse for a delay they’d ever heard.

Bragging rights: What’s the coolest experience you had traveling?
Hanggliding with Ed and Bernie in Interlaken, Switzerland, was certainly one of the most fun and unforgettable. I also should brag for a second on my randomly awesome Eurotrip timing. I accidentally landed in Barcelona on the day of the Spain World Cup game, accidentally ended up in Paris on the Tour de France completion and was accidentally in Copenhagen for the sommer solstice party.

Count me out: if you had the opportunity to visit all but one continent, which would you skip out on?
Here, I have to say Antartica because 1) I can barely handle German cold and 2) there’s just too much to see and culture to experience on the others.

one favorite local cuisine you discovered traveling:
Turkish food – I have a whole post on it if you care, but it’s basically meat and veggie and tons of oily goodness.

two places you could visit over and over again:
1) Munich, Germany – I do visit over and over again and am looking all too forward to Oktoberfest in a couple of weeks
2) Copenhagen, Denmark – I only spent two nights there, but it was just so perfect (minus the prices). It also instilled this crazy urge in me.

three cities you still need to see before you die:
1) New York City, because somehow I decided to skip traveling the US and head straight to Germany.
2) Duba, Botswana, because I want to go on an African safari BAD.
3) Shanghai, because traveling is all about feeling out of place and I think Asia would successfully accomplish that. I really want to visit a lot of Asia, so choosing is just my way of saying that.

If you liked this game, grab this random button I made and play along. Be sure to share your link in the comments or email it to me or something. I’m not big enough to start all that link up business.

If you want to come say hi, I’d like that a lot. The thing is, I love finding new blogs but lately it seems all my blog friends are already all interconnected, thus making finding new blogs a little more difficult. Ya know what I mean?

Danke Alex!
Stay tuned for stories of my South of France staycation.
À bientôt et gros bisous!

11 responses to “guestpost: ifs ands & Butts”

  1. well shoot ill play your travel game this week sometime 😉 and i love your awesome desire to visit everywhere in scandinavia 😉 woohoo.and turkish food rocks. ive never even been to turkey so i can only imagine how amazing that experience will be for me one day ;)have a great weekend alex! well, rest of the weekend!


  2. I'll be in Munich for Oktoberfest too!


  3. I love Alex. she always has great traveling stories to tell.


  4. I think I have to join the game. :)I love both your blogs! You girls are awesome!


  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  6. Ah Cinque Terre…I have such wonderful memories there. Got engaged right in that spot actually!


  7. Lucky girl!! What a spot to get engaged!


  8. I'm SO excited – my favorite time of year 🙂


  9. Thanks Megan! Would love to see your answers as your travels extend far beyond mine!


  10. Can't wait to see your answers, Katrin! and YOU ARE AWESOME-ER!


  11. Love “your tolerance for children” – probably that's exactly what it takes to work with children as an au pair or a teacher 😉 You're really making the best of your time in Europe – so many travel destinations you've already ticked off your list!


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