back in a flash

{where Ami is}

I’m a bad girl.

I’ve been cheating on you.

While I’ve been giving you this whole sob story about being knee deep in housework, and so exhausted I may need to check myself into a hospital à la Lindsay Lohan, all the while neglecting you and this blog, I’ve written a post for my friend Ami and her blog Fit With Flash.

Quelle horreur!

But before you paint a scarlet A on my chest, know that I have a good excuse and my adultery stems from a kind and generous place… Ami is on a real vacation, not a boring ol’ staycation like mine (that’s a lie, it wasn’t boring at all), an actual vacation to Mykonos, Greece, and she needed someone to fill in for her.

How could I say no? The girl is vacationing in Mykonos for heavens sake! It was either guest post for her or let the jealousy of her vacation consume and possibly, eventually destroy me.

So please forgive me, I beg of you.

And be a doll would you, and pop over and read it
I promise I’ll be good from now on. 
No more cheating.


8 responses to “back in a flash”

  1. I'm so glad you're back! The blogosphere is back to normal!! Phew…Heading over to Fit now…


  2. Loved your quest post. Your photos are gorgeous. I would have followed the hubs too. Provence is gorgeous and the hubby isn't bad himself! Funny how growing up in a place allows people to take it's beauty for granted – it seems common to them. xoxo


  3. SINNER! UNCLEAN!Welcome back.


  4. Haha!! That picture is GORGEOUS. I'm so jealous she's over there!


  5. Haha, you are so adorable!


  6. I reckon Ami's got it right!!


  7. Mykanos, Greece?? Talk about jealous!! I hope that your friend has an amazing time 🙂


  8. BAHHH Here's an imaginary scarlet A for you.


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