it happened again

{Stade Mayol}

“So RCT have a home game on Thursday…” 

That was the text I got from Mrs. London talking about All Saints Day (the 1st of November). All Saints day is a holiday here in France, and what better way to spend a day off than by watching Mr. London do his thing (RCT is Toulon by the way).

It should have been so easy… leave The LPV at 9a.m. for an 11a.m. arrival at Chez London, and then go for a nice long lunch before the 2:30p.m. kick off (Mrs. London and I are all about our long lunches).

Easy peasy pudding pie, right? Wrong. Not in The LPV. In The LPV it’s called, S.N.A.F.U.

Our car wouldn’t start. THE CAR WOULDN’T START!!! What kind of malarky is that?! We fiddled with it, and fiddled with it, but it just wouldn’t turn over (fiddling is a very technical, mechanical term obviously).

By 10a.m. we gave up on the car, but not on our day. The Husband started trying to track down Papa and Brother-in-Law. Not so easy since they were both deep in the forest hunting wild boar (of course they were). But eventually Brother-in-Law’s phone picked up the signal and we were saved, we could take his car for the day.

By 11:30, we were finally on our way and I kissed my long lunch with Mrs. London goodbye. It was OK though, we would go out for a nice dinner with Mr. & Mrs. London after the match before heading back to The LPV. After all, we had Brother-in-Law’s car, we couldn’t very well spend the night in Toulon. I had even left the overnight bag I had packed behind because of course we would be coming back that night. (This is what I like to call, foreshadowing.)

We pulled into Chez London at 1:30, dropped off Brother-in-Law’s car, hopped in Mrs. London’s shiny new car, and somehow made it into our seats at Stade Mayo with five minutes to spare. The fact that Mrs. London’s shiny new car happens to also be teeny tiny helped finding a parking spot that much easier.

{The car might be teeny tiny, but The Husband isn’t}
(In the interest of full disclosure, we kind of made our own parking spot, because 1. this is France and 2. we figured that due to that big sticker on the side of the car, we wouldn’t get a ticket… when in doubt, use the sticker.)

It was a great match, Toulon beat Stade Français 24-19 (for some reason we only ever watch Toulon play Paris teams; Racing Metro twice and Stade Français twice, it’s weird), and it was all over before 5p.m., which meant there was plenty of time to have a drink at the reception after (there is always a reception after), grab Mr. London and then go to dinner. All going smoothly, I’d be tucked in my bed back in The LPV by midnight. 
(RE: foreshadowing)

{free wine is the best wine}

When Mr. London arrived at the reception, Mrs. London and I made the mistake of letting him and The Husband out of our sight for a couple of minutes (this is never a good idea). We found them in a corner, plotting.

Mrs. London: We’re going out to dinner and then they need to head off because they need to get back with the car.

Mr. London: No, we’re going to So & So’s house for drinks and pizza, they’re spending the night with us, and then tomorrow we’re going back to their house for the weekend.

Hold up. How did that happen? They had been left along for all of three minutes.

Apparently in that three minutes, Mr. London called Brother-in-Law and asked if we needed to bring the car back that night, Brother-in-Law said no, and that was all Mr. London needed to hear to twist The Husband’s arm (Mr. London twists The Husband’s arm quite a bit).

It all turned out fine in the end… I got to spend time with Mrs. London, go to a pizza party, and see a video of one of the players with his ear only hanging on by a thread. It was gross.

But next time I’ll bring the overnight bag.

P.S. Coming up next… the weekend.  

14 responses to “it happened again”

  1. looks like you had a very great time there :)x the


  2. I'm spotting a trend in your recent disasters, where cars are at the forefront, maybe take the train to the next one (plus the overnight bag of course ;o) )


  3. Love it!! At least you got wine! Have a great weekend!


  4. But did the hunters of the family bring home the bacon?


  5. Another totally hilarious story, can't wait to read about rest of weekend!!! C'est une comedie, non??? I assume you found le petit auto rouge still in it's parking spot…


  6. lol of COURSE you left the overnight bag!


  7. well at least you had a good time. Leaving the overnight bag can only mean one thing – shopping.


  8. Oh my gosh! You've been having some interesting adventures lately 🙂 It did turn out fun though it sounds!


  9. Goes to show just how much can actually be done in three minutes!


  10. This is beyond hysterical – I'm very impressed by how much was accomplished by the husbands in such a short time. I now leave an overnight bag in my car, because I've learned my lesson way too many times that when I think I'll be heading home, I'm most likely going to drink way too much and not be able to navigate home. Amazing post, as per usual!


  11. Always an interesting day when it begins with the car not starting. I'm also very happy you just used the word malarky


  12. Hahaha! Girl you said it! Free wine IS the best wine! You and Mrs. London are so lovely. It looks like you two keep each other in good company! ; )EWWWWWW the hanging ear!!!! That's a TERRIBLE Monday morning visual. Thanks, SL. : P


  13. You look beautiful. I love that you didn't let the car dilemma ruin your day. Hubster seems laid back. Dying laughing at the hunting wild boar comment. Such a comical little place you live in. Your hubby in that car? Hilarious! xo


  14. the ear hanging on by a thread…….yuk – your ability to stomach such consequences of le futbol is beyond me – check please! love the foto of you having fun and yes, free wine IS the best wine haha.


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