{shetlands, shelties, some other stuff, and a free book}

{my little pony}

++ When I was a little girl I had a Shetland pony named Rainy Day. Rainy Day was my best friend and there isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t think about him, so you can only imagine the level of excitement I felt when we were driving through the forest between The LPV and the original LPV, and four Shetlands crossed the road directly in front of us, all in single file, and walked into the lavender field (seriously, it was like jump up and down, pee-pee pants exciting). Clearly Le Petit Village is a magical land sprinkled with fairy dust.

++ Brother-in-Law has decided to study the choreography of the Gangnam Style video. Apparently, he wants to get the moves down perfectly. Don’t ask. I have no idea either.

++ I received a small bottle of an Anti-Aging Beauty elixir with my Jolie Box. In a hurry the other morning, but wanting to anti-age myself, I quickly rubbed some of the grape extract on my face. Why was it so sticky? Why was my face purple? Because you’re supposed to drink it, not rub it all over your face you moron. Yeah, that was embarrassing.

++ Last Saturday, Mr. London and Toulon were playing against my beloved ASM Clermont. I asked him if he could say hi to my crush, Julien Pierre, for me. I felt like a 7th grader passing a note. Giggling was involved.

++ And it turned out to be the best rugby day ever (so basically the opposite of this day). We went to  Brother-in-Law’s because it’s the best place to watch sports. See Brother-in-Law doesn’t have a big screen, no no no, that would be too basic for Brother-in-Law. Brother-in-Law has a projector, so a whole living room wall becomes the TV. When you watch rugby over there, it pretty much feels like you’re on the pitch. Anyway, first Clermont won against Toulon (MUAH HA HA HA) in a crazy, down to the wire, nail biter of a match that led to the 50th consecutive home match win for Clermont (it was pandemonium and awesome, but not for Mr. London, sorry Mr. London) and then France beat the tar out of Australia. BEAT THE TAR OUT OF THEM.

++ La Petite is nineteen months old and beginning to babble. I only ever speak to her in English despite eye rolls from certain people telling me, “elle ne comprend pas”. Well the eye rolls can stop because something wonderful has happened… La Petite is responding to me, not in English yet, but in French. BABY STEPS. I ask her a question in English and she answers, oui or no. I feel like Anne Sullivan.

++ If you’re friends with Fifty on Facebook (if you’re not, but want to be, you can add him here… he loves making new friends), you’ve probably seen that he’s been receiving poochcards from all over Provence, from his Sheltie friend, Chula (who you may remember from this). Well besides traveling  about Provence and making Fifty jealous, Chula has written a book called Sniffing Around Provence, and has decided to give it away free to all of you! (Generous, well traveled, has written a book…. really, is there anything Chula Wula D’Augue can’t do? Doubt it.) To download the ebook free, simply click here. C’est tout!


15 responses to “{shetlands, shelties, some other stuff, and a free book}”

  1. I think your first pony is one you always remember. Meggy was my fist pony, but the one I remember best was my first pony in Africa. He turned out to be a real champion and one many, many events. Bonne journée. Diane


  2. I am wondering if Brother In Law is practicing his dance moves for the Danse Avec Les Stars finale, which, I will admit I am going to miss as I will be in the States. Needless to say, I am devastated.


  3. Anymore, whenever I jump up and down, I pee-pee my pants. Enjoy your continued ability to do this only when really excited!xo


  4. Shetland ponies? Were they lost? (like by 2 land masses? ;o) )Rather glad I only listen to that song on the radio so I can't envisage the dance move horrorYay for the rugby, although, alas, Ireland and Scotland have been having rather less fun (well, except the Ireland XV!)As for the talking, when I was over in the US last month I met a family where the mum was French and the dad American, and they lived in Houston – she always speaks to the kids in French (but her husband in English) and her husband speaks to them in English and they're completely bilingual, so there's hope for La Petite ;o)


  5. I really really love your posts, Sara!It is so cool that you had a Shetland pony! So cool! And I would love to see a video of that dance! I am very sure that I would have used that elixir on my face too!


  6. Ohh, what else did you get in your Joliebox? I really liked mine this month!


  7. Aww another funny (grape elixir, ROFL) and thanks so much for the ebook!!!! Must love dogs!!! Satori says arf arf to Fifty!! Let's play!!!


  8. My whole office at work decided to learn the Gangnam moves too. They wanted to perform it at the wedding reception of one of the girls, but when the time came, half of them chickened out. 😀


  9. I don't know the Gangnam moves lol shame 😉 I burst out laughing when I read about the anti ageing elixir – at least it didn't happen the other way around – bring for your face but you drinking it instead, that could potentially be a problem! xoxox


  10. Totally keep at it with her in English. My au pair kid always understood me but would respond in German and now hwen I see him he says things like “come play mit me” “build me garage” SO cute!


  11. Just wanted to echo the others ref LP, my french mother would speak to us in french and we would reply in english. Don't know what happens in the brain, but no thought necessary for translation – tis automatic bilingualness (not sure that's a word in any language mind!).


  12. I speak to my boys 100% in English and they still respond “oui” or “non”.


  13. I am dying over the fact that you drank the anti-aging elixer. I mean, I totally would have too, but there's a comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one. Please keep us up to date on Brother-in-Law's Gangnam style studies. Brilliant.


  14. there is something magical about a herd of shetlands trotting through a lavender field (and hence a theme to this post with the purple face cream haha!) so can we expect to see a video posted soon of your hubby with his gangnam moves?! (and btw do you do thanksgiving meal in lpv? if so, can you purchase le dindon anywhere??)


  15. Your brother in law should join forces with my coworker… he knows all the dance moves to that stupid video, and he is obsessed with it.


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