this day last week…

…we were doing the shopping for our Christmas Eve dinner.

Oh how I wish I could go back there (even if that would mean battling the other shoppers at Hyper U and having my cart rammed repeatedly all over again). That sad ‘end of Christmas feeling‘ is beginning to sink in, but thankfully, I have you to rehash my Christmas tales with. Let’s pretend that the Spirit of Christmas is still swirling all around us, and I’ll tell you about my Christmas Eve.

This year was the first year to celebrate the holiday at my house. Sure we would be going to Papa’s for Christmas day lunch, but Christmas Eve dinner belonged to me, so when we were invited to go to The Husband’s Uncle’s house in Saint-Rémy for the 24th, we had to politely decline. There was no way I could possibly pass up the opportunity to have part of Christmas my way, at my house.

And my way, at my house meant a Champagne and fois gras apéro while listening to Christmas With the Rat Pack. (The Champagne was provided by Gatz who arrived with two bottles, and on his best behavior, my mother was quite impressed.)

L’apéro was followed by a dinner of bœuf bourguignon, brandied peaches, green beans and my killer mashed potatoes (my mother has named my mashed potatoes ‘killer’ because they taste so good… the irony of this is that there is so much butter and cream in them, they could possibly be ‘killer’ mashed potatoes), washed down with lots and lots of Saint-Emilion Grand Cru.

Both my table and Fifty were dressed up in their Christmas finest…

And with The Husband and Gatz on their best behavior, the evening ended up being quite the civilized affair (are you shocked, because I know I am).

We opened our stockings…
{Thank you Miss Vicki}
And unwrapped cheese…

Then we topped it all off with a Bûche de Noël (a Bûche chocolat à la fleur de sel-confiture de lait to be exact).

That like a real French woman, 
I had bought at Picard.


13 responses to “this day last week…”

  1. How lovely, and congrats on your wise decision to go to Picard. 🙂


  2. Ha, true story about Picard. I'm confused about where the cheese is in that photo though!


  3. The cheese is the white bit peaking through under the leaves. It's Banon and comes wrapped in chestnut leaves. It's really, really good.


  4. I TOTALLY get what you mean by wanting to celebrate Christmas in your own home and YOUR way! I hosted my very first Christmas too and it was awesome. Christmas music and candles are SO important yet every French Xmas I have had here, these detailed was overlooked….not this year! Ha! I see that you too needed these details to make Christmas feel more homey.Congrats to us for doing the holidays our way!What's on the agenda for NYE? There better be a video! ; ) Gangnam style… #hint


  5. Such a lovely time…the candlelight looks so inviting! I have always wanted to try Buche de Noel….looks so tasty! I agree about letting go of Christmas…I don't like taking down decorations…it's so final. The house feels wonderfully clean afterward, yet so “empty”.


  6. “Emptied” my house this morning and am sharing that feeling … but am scheming for a little NYE bling to replace it.One of the nice things about the holidays is combining “his” traditions with “hers” to form “theirs”. Looks like you are well on your way.


  7. That all sounds rather yummy, save a space for me next year ;o) Oh, and I should be Provence bound again in the summer, so I can stock up on banons :oD


  8. Ooooh!! That sounds super yummy! You might just have a faux-Parisienne come down to Provence for the holidays next year. 🙂 Btw I ADORE the postcards!! Am trying to figure out right now who to send them to :)xx Milsters(


  9. Happy New Year! Your Christmas Eve menu sounds very yummy, I am definitely a fan of killer mashed potatoes. Your table is gorgeous but I feel bad for poor Fifty.


  10. It all looks so lovely…which reminds me, I have a bottle of Saint-Emilion that I got in Montreal last year just screaming to be opened. Bonne Annee Sara!


  11. This looks like such a fun and fancy night! Love the antlers on the dog! How festive! 🙂


  12. ohhh… this looks so lovely… lovein your French life… & love how you pull it all together… well done! 🙂 Happy New Year!


  13. Fifty looks so wonderful! Glad you had a great Christmas at your own house!Have a happy new year!


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