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Today I woke up in The Husband’s old bedroom, with his old stuffed animals, six hours north of The LPV, in Auvergne. Auvergne isn’t the most glamorous place in the world (especially not right this second as it’s raining buckets), but it is a very beautiful and tranquil one (lots of lush green grass from all of that rain). But back in the day, it was super glamorous. French Nana’s Bar, is located in the old Metropole Hotel, and like a hundred years ago or something, it was called Bar Chiquita, and an Egyptian Princess used to swan around sipping Champagne there. It was the epitome of glamour, but now, glamour gone. Now you can find me, glass of red wine in one hand, hunk of bleu d’Auvergne in the other, sitting in my muddy, rain soaked wellies with Fifty at my feet. See… glamour gone.

As I’m away for a few days, celebrating Easter with my belle-mere, I thought I’d leave you with a giveaway!


Charles Ayres of Impossibly Glamorous fame (you may recall him from this time when he interviewed me) has kindly given me a copy of his book, Impossibly Glamorous, so that I may pass on the glamour to you (actually he gave me two, one for me, and one for you… glamorous and generous, that’s a winning combination).

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Originally titled, L’Enfant Terrible (I always wanted to be referred to as L’Enfant Terrible but I don’t think I could pull it off), Impossibly Glamorous is the story of Charles’ life, and his journey from growing up in Kansas, to Japanese media darling. It makes for interesting and entertaining reading I assure you.

For your chance to win a copy of this impossibly glamorous tale, check out the Rafflecopter below. Contest closes next Saturday the 6th. May the glamorous force be with you.

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5 responses to “glamorous giveaway”

  1. seriously, that is the best phone number ever. what a cool history of the bar and gregory's hometown (and love the fact the stuffed animals are still in evidence)happy easter and enjoy your weekend with la belle-mere!


  2. Haha, my family's first phone number when I was a child was 1233. I always loved that. But this one is even easier. Another great giveaway! Thanks so much!Have a wonderful Easter weekend! And say hello to the stuffed animals!


  3. Hi SL! Enjoy your Easter Break! I think I entered the giveaway. I've never tweeted before! Enjoyed your post! Have fun!


  4. Im so impressed at all the fancy technology for your giveaway! Just finished reading The Paris Wife and can easily imagine that whole crew spending many nights in l'Hotel! Sounds perfect.


  5. As long as there's wine and cheese, it's glamorous in my book!


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