The Road To Dublin

The road to Dublin began with this pair of Nikes. Or rather, Mr. London’s road to Dublin began with these Nikes, The Husband’s and mine began with an Aer Lingus sale.

Let me back up… in three weeks time, The Husband, Mrs. London, Gatz (of course) and I are descending upon Dublin. We’re there to catch up with family (I love how Gatz has wiggled his way in on this one) and to watch rugby. But we won’t just be watching any rugby… we’ll be watching the cream of the crop, the pièce de résistance… the Heineken Cup Final.

Two weeks ago, the quarter-finals took place… The Husband’s favorite boys, ASM Clermont took on Montpellier (Clermont won) and the next day, Mr. London (in those Nikes) and the rest of RCT Toulon battled against Leicester. We watched it all from Toulon but first we had some family fun time…

Mommy London was in town. (That’s Mrs. London’s mother. She was married to my first cousin… so Mrs. London is my first cousin once removed… got it? Good.) So yeah, Mommy London was visiting and when we arrived at Chez London the BBQ was in full swing (full swing means two bottles of Rosé down).

It was the perfect family weekend (perfect in my book anyway), barbecue featuring Mr. London’s finger-lickin-chicken, lots of chill time, shopping (we left the boys home for this one), picking out macarons at the pâtisserie, discovering the most delicious Chinese restaurant right around the corner, watching television (SkyTV I love you in all of your English glory), and finally hitting up the port for a pre-match lunch…

The port was PACKED. Leicester supporters sure do like to travel. But then again traveling to Toulon isn’t the worst destination for a match… look at that bright blue sky! (I heart the South of France)

It was a nail biter… seriously, a down to the wire, heart thumping, nerve racking nail biter, but thanks in part to Jonny’s golden foot… Toulon eeked out Leicester 21-15.

Here’s hoping that after this weekend’s face-off against the Saracens, Mr. London will be one step closer to meeting us in Dublin.
(and ASM Clermont too!)

15 responses to “The Road To Dublin”

  1. Yes, ASM! How did we never get to see a game in CF??!


  2. Congratulations to the Toulon boys and Mr. London. I am so ignorant about rugby, being from the USA and all. Is rugby played primarily in the south of France? I don't remember hearing anything about rugby matches when we lived in Strasbourg when I was in high school but that was a long time ago. They run rugby matches on the TV at the Cafe des Sports in Sablet. I will have to figure this game out.


  3. Sounds like you're up for a fun trip! May your team win!


  4. Fingers crossed that they do it! I thought Mr Wilkinson had long since retired though lolHope that road to Dublin isn't rocky for any of you ;o)


  5. What a fun time! Looks like y'all had awesome seats, too.XOXO


  6. I wish all men's sports wore shorts like the Rugby guys… sexy man legs: YES. Sounds like an awesome trip!


  7. I actually think it's illegal to live in Clermont and not go to a game! I'm surprised you guys got away with that ;)P.S. Guess you'll just have to come back!


  8. It's most popular in the southwest like Toulouse, Biarritz and Perpignan and also Paris (they have two professional teams), but I don't think there are any big teams near Strasbourg. You should watch some matches, it's very fast and very intense. Loads of fun! 🙂


  9. He retired from the England squad and then came over here about four years ago (?) to make the big bucks. Toulon LOVES Jonny!


  10. I am sure you'll have a fun time! 🙂 I have to admit that I don't understand the rules of rugby, it is not very popular in Germany but it does look like fun. I would love to see a game someday. I am still trying to completely understand the rules of baseball and American football…


  11. I also never saw an ASM game after living the C-F two times!! I did get to see them win in 2010 on the big screen in Centre Jaude.


  12. So freaking fun!!! Can't wait to hear about the finals


  13. Congratulations to Mr London – I can only imagine how grand it will be seeing him play in the finals! I can't wait to read all about it


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