guest post: kisses and croissants

We’re on Dublin day five now and slowing down a bit (#notasyoungasweusedtobe). Two more days of getting my fill of my old town and then it’s back to life in The LPV. While I sip my cuppa and contemplate what to do today (and how to get The Husband up and out of bed), I leave you with my new friend Patricia…


Bonjour les amis! My name is Patricia. I blog over at Kisses and Croissants, a name I picked  because, like Sara, I moved to France for love (hence the Kisses), and I’m obsessed with all French pastries, especially croissants. 🙂  Sara asked me to guest post for her today while she’s on vacation, and I was thrilled. She is one of my very favorite bloggers. Of course, you already know that she’s awesome – that’s why you’re following her!

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The Husband and me. Isn’t he adorable?

Currently,  I refer to the husband as Monsieur Right on the blog. This is because I tend to like nicknames that are ridiculously corny, and a lot of people can’t stand when bloggers refer to their husbands as “The Hubby.” Personally, I think it’s kind of cute. But maybe that’s because I jump at the chance to give him nicknames in English. We only speak French at home, and there is nothing cute sounding about the words “le mari” (the husband). That French word just sounds too girly, and I don’t like calling him that.

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I love reading other people’s “How we met” stories, so today I’m sharing ours with you.

When I first came to France, I didn’t know anyone. I showed up in the city all alone, 19 years old, with two suitcases and a bad accent. My French was terrible. That first week I headed over to church, hoping to meet a friendly face and that’s where I saw my husband for the first time.

I remember thinking, “God, please let him be a regular here. He’s SO beautiful!” To my delight, the next week he was there again. But he didn’t have the courage to come talk to me, so he sent his brother to invite me to their mom’s house for dinner, where we officially met for the first time. Now I know what you’re thinking, love at first sight stories are cliche and a little too sickeningly sweet. But that’s really how it happened.

That first night I met his whole family. Everyone was wonderfully kind. Or, at least I assume they were. I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying, but everyone sure was smiling a lot. In France, we do the “bises” when we greet someone. These are little kisses that you give on the cheek, and the number that you’re supposed to do changes by region. In my region it’s two. When Monsieur Right leaned over to kiss my cheek, I about died of happiness. I totally had a fan girl moment. Please remember that I was 19 at the time and pretty naive when it came to romance. Getting to kiss a hot foreign guy on the cheek seemed like a pretty exciting custom to me.

It took us about six months to figure out that we liked each other and to actually start dating. Apparently, we both have a fear of rejection and suck at taking hints. To make a long story short, after doing the long distance thing while I finished my degree back in the states, Monsieur Right and I ended up getting married.

 photo weddingcollagenewbw_zpsc06bf378.jpg

If you’d like, you can check out the rest of our love story here. I just want to give a big thank you to Sara for letting me taking over her blog for the day!

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7 responses to “guest post: kisses and croissants”

  1. Aww this is so sweet. Though I am sad that you are on holiday Sara (I cannot wait to go to Dublin), I have already fallen in love with Patricia's blog and really enjoyed this guest post. I really think we follow blogs we can relate to on some level, or where we find a connection with the blog's author. For me I really liked this post because it made me not feel alone in the 'took-us-forever-to-start-dating-club'. I met my husband within the first few weeks at Uni and though we were always hanging out together it took a good semester to finish before either of us had the courage to admit to each other we had huge crushes. I love these sort of stories and I love your story so much since you found love abroad. I'm just a sucker for sweet romance stories. :)Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose


  2. Love this story! 🙂 It is so funny that you basically met his whole family on your first date. 🙂


  3. Adorable! Yes, everyone loves a “how they met” story and yours has the perfect awww factor. 🙂 PS. You make a stunning couple…


  4. Thank you! That's so sweet of you to say! 🙂


  5. Thanks! His family is actually really cool. They definitely helped move things along as well, when we were both being a little slow. 🙂


  6. How sweet;I am a sucker for a good romance story. I think it's so cute that he sent his brother over to invite you and that you met his entire family on that first Sunday. That must have been quite intimidating no matter how smitten you were with him. Best wishes for many years of bliss.


  7. This is a cute story! I like coming across new blogs like this. 😉


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