++ It is 100% summertime in Le Petit Village and I freaking love it! For awhile it felt like we were running away from summer since we spent the early days of it in non-summery places like Dublin, England, and Paris (not that these places don’t have summers, they do of course, they just don’t have a south of France kind of summer), and I was missing out on my vitamin D. But now, I’m back home, it’s 29°C/85°F and I’m in heaven!

++ Since we’re finally home after being here, there and everywhere, we’ve been spending our evenings glued to the couch (we’re tired) and on a Nashville bender. We can’t get enough of it, especially The Husband (somebody has a crush on Connie Britton) but I kinda want them to make a show called, Austin.

++ We celebrated la fête des mères (mother’s day) at Papa’s house. I spent it sitting next to 91 year old Louisette (Papa’s Wife’s mother), listening to her tell stories about being a child in Casablanca during World War II (apparently, it wasn’t that bad). She’s a walking, talking piece of history and I want to keep her forever.

++ I’ve finished reading Winter of the World and while I anxiously await the final chapter of Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy, I’m reading Edward Rutherfurd’s new tome, Paris. Two questions… what are you reading and are you on Goodreads? And a follow up question, if you are on Goodreads, want to be my friend?

++ It’s really hard to find plain tortilla chips here. They’re either cheese, paprika or some other weird flavor, but not plain. This breaks my heart, especially since my friend Sarah just gave me a jar of salsa from Texas. Yesterday The Husband went to the store and he called to ask if I wanted tortilla chips, I told him only if they are plain, he assured me that they were. I did a little happy dance and waited for his arrival so I could get my Tex-Mex on. When he got home, I saw that the ‘plain’ tortilla chips were actually ‘fajita’ flavoured (YUCK!), and when I showed him where it said ‘fajita’ on the bag, he told me that he thought that’s what they were called, ‘fajita tortilla chips’. Obviously someone has to get back to Texas for a refresher course in the Tex-Mex food groups.

++ Why is Philippe Saint-Andre still the coach of the French rugby team? I’m just throwing that out there but If any of you can answer this and put me out of my misery than I applaud you. Moving on.

++ A couple of months back I told you that not only is The Croupier pregnant (she’s due in November) but that Baby Cousin’s girlfriend is too… well add The Cousin’s wife, Mrs. Cousin to the list (they’re the couple with the baby named after an X-Men character). We’re in the midst of a mini-baby boom and soon Le Petit Village will be deafened by the pitter patter of little feet.

++ The Husband said he was ‘easy breezy’ yesterday. This may not seem like a big deal, but to those of you who have a spouse/ significant other/ friend who is not a native English speaker, than you know how cool it is for them to not only say an English expression, but to use it correctly.

++ The easy breezy utterance occurred when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he replied, “Just a chicken ceaser salad, that’s it, I’m easy breezy.” #sostinkingcute

++ So yeah, tomorrow is The Husband’s birthday. We’re keeping it casual this year, no big barbecue, or cool soirée, just relaxing by The London’s pool, soaking up the sun and as per The Husband’s request, eating chicken ceaser salad, you know, easy breezy. What are you guys up to?


P.S. For those of you who keep up to date on life in Le Petit Village via Google Reader, don’t forget as of July 1st it’s no more. If you don’t want to miss out, you can follow my adventures via Bloglovin, my tweets, or like my Facebook page (oh and Fifty wants me to remind you that he has a Facebook page too). 

13 responses to “bloop”

  1. Do they have plain tortillas there? If so it is not hard to make your own tortilla chips. frying them will make them taste better.If you want to do it really properly you'll need masa, which is readily available here in Chicago but I am not sure you can get it in Europe.


  2. I could totally send you plain tortilla chips! Let me know…


  3. Easy breezy! Love it…I want to meet Louisette! Oh, and you, too – I could bring PLAIN tortilla chips and a bottle of rosé, how about that…


  4. I think there are no plain tortilla chips in Germany either. I never tried them before I went to America…and they are so much better!I think I have never used the expression “easy breezy”, that is pretty awesome. I have a lot to learn!I hope you will have a wonderful birthday of your husband tomorrow! Well, today. Time difference! Joyeux anniversaire!


  5. Happy Birthday darling Hegory! Hope it is a truly easy breezy day for you.Now, they used to have plain tortilla chips in the fancy butcher in Venelles – I can't remember their name but they are next door to the fruit and veg shop called Le Panier Provençal. They were a more fancy-pants brand (artisan tortilla chips, sniff) so they cost a little more, but they were good. If you are in the area at some stage you could see if they still have them.I how I wish I was still in the area. Can't tell you how much these summertime posts of yours make my heart hurt. x x x


  6. Happy Birthday to Easy Breezy!!! :)How frickin' cute are those photos? Must have made your heart melt a bit.And yes, I just got on Goodreads and yes, I want to be your friend!PS. Just saw 'natur' tortilla chips at Geant Casino yesterday…just sayin'…


  7. He does look pretty easy breezy in the pictures! Have a great husband's birthday!


  8. Bonjour from Northern California! (It's not summer here.) I've got Paris on my summer reading list for sure, but am currently reading the final Maeve Binchy. So sad that she is gone from us. One goal for the summer, get on Goodreads. I'll find you when I'm there. BTW, thanks to you (and your Liebster post), I met Michel when I dined in his California restaurant the other night. He's a really nice guy and his restaurant was fabulous. This “blog” world sure is interesting! Enjoy your summer and happy reading.


  9. Enjoy your lovely summer! Summer here in Warsaw seems to be speckled with lots of rain and intermittent sunshine!


  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE HUSBAND!Not on goodreads alas – I am still struggling to finish Game of Thrones – not due to content, more due to lack of reading time


  11. FAJITA FLAVORED?!?! Fajitas are good. Chips are good. COMBINED IS NOT GOOD.


  12. Ahh, that was written before the mistral got up then :o/ Oh well, at least the sun shone as the wind blew lol


  13. Haha, I bet the “easy breezy” comment was even more adorable with his french accent!


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