I miss things

{I miss you}

Monday morning, we meet again… BLECH.

I couldn’t sleep. It was one of those nights when you toss and turn, stirring, your thoughts racing from one random thing to the next.

My thoughts were taking me on a strange journey; connecting the dots through a maze of homesickness (I’m not surprised, it has been two years since I stepped foot on American soil). At 4:30 I finally gave up the fight and got up.

I’m hoping that by venting out a list of top of my head things that I’m missing about ‘home’, I might be able to exorcise the homesick feeling for a little while and what better place than here, with you.

. . . . . . . . . . 

// I miss closets. They don’t even have to be big walk in closets or anything, just give me a closet! (And yes, I realize other places in the world have closets besides the U.S. but that’s the last place I lived that had a proper one so for me, U.S.A. = closets.)

// I miss Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions. GET IN MY BELLY. The LPV is only a three hour drive from Italy, so you think Italian sausage would be somewhat easy to find here like pizza, but nope, it’s not.

// I miss the movie theater. Of course France has movie theaters but it’s not the same. It’s just not the same.

// I miss how much easier everything is. I want to be able to shop on Sunday if I feel like it, or at random hours of the day and night. I want to be able to buy Tylenol at the grocery store and not have to go to a pharmacy for it. And if I go to the pharmacy, I’d like to be able to drive-thru if I so desire. And since I mentioned drive-thru, let me go ahead and say banks… I want to be able to drive-thru a bank.

// I miss brunch. And more importantly, I miss brunch with friends.

// I miss my friends. Two of my best friends have had babies in the past two years that I haven’t seen yet. Two little people, that are made up of bits of my closest friends have come into this world and I haven’t been able to pick them up and look into their bitty, squishy, baby faces #thatblows.

// I miss Delis (that’s my New York side talking) and saying delis, I’m going to have to say diners too. And because I don’t want to make my Texas side jealous; I miss Tex-Mex. Oh how I miss Tex-Mex.

// I miss a big fat Sunday newspaper complete with coupons for cutting (it’s not that I was ever an extreme couponer or anything, but man, I miss coupons).

// I miss horribly cheesy Lifetime television movies.

// I miss being able to eat in a restaurant at anytime other than 12:30PM – 2:00PM and 7:00PM – 9:30PM.

// I miss people ‘getting me’. I have French friends, I converse with them, but I’m pretty sure that when it comes down to it, they don’t really know me. I miss being able to completely express myself; my humor, my emotions… you know, me.

Yes, that helped a bit, I feel better.
Merci mes amies.

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53 responses to “I miss things”

  1. i know exactly how you feel!! i also miss those things.. do you have plans to visit the States anytime soon? i think you should plan a trip!


  2. I also miss being able to go shopping on a Sunday if I feel like it.And junk food. Oh how I miss junk food… even if it's stuff I wouldn't actually eat if I still lived in the UK!


  3. Loved reading this blog entry. I can relate to many of the things you mentioned as well as many of the comments here. I'm one of those people who will go to Paris and eat at Chipotle as many times as possible. Sad but true. It tastes like home! 🙂


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