expat escapades {round 3}

Another week(ish), another round of Expat Escapades.(If you’d like to read previous editions of Expat Escapades, click here.)

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Danielle Abroad went to yoga in the park in Paris. Yoga… in a park, in Paris. How perfect is that? And get this, on the way to class, Danielle spotted a guy on the Metro who was also carrying a yoga mat. Surprise… they were going to the same class! Now if Danielle was Reese Witherspoon and that guy was Channing Tatum, they would have fallen in love and gotten married. C’est mignon, no?

I’m very jealous of Fox in Paris because she has gone on holiday to beautiful Brittany. I’ve never been to Brittany and I’m dying to go. Right after I moved to The LPV, I said that to Gregory that we should go to Brittany sometime, his response; “Bretagne?! No, it’s too far. You can’t get there. It’s impossible.” After some prodding I discovered that yes, one can indeed travel from Le Petit Village to Brittany but it involves a TGV to Paris first so it’s a round-about kind of journey, one that I guess is just too far for poor Gregory Wegory to make (I bet if Mr. London wanted to go to Brittany it wouldn’t be too far). In the meantime, I’ll have to be content with a virtual visit via Fox in Paris.

Totally Frenched Out traveled to Morocco for work… during Ramaden. It was quite the adventure. The moral of the story: if you are going to be in Morocco during Ramaden, pack snacks.

While Ksam was hungry in Morocco, Alex was pub crawling in Dublin. Pull up a stool at Ifs ands & Butts for a virtual visit to one of my favorite Temple Bar pubs.

You know how I touched on how frustrating France can be in this post? Well Patricia at Kisses and Croissants knows all about it. A few days ago she wrote about the story of her arrival in France. Feel free to pull your hair out in sympathy while you’re reading it. I know I wanted to.

The New York Times published an article about relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in a town in France, and Travelling Amber posted her perspective on it. Pop on over for an insightful read from an insider.

After the serious, move on to the silly… I know that France has a certain reputation of being the world’s capital of culture and the arts, but it’s not always all hifalutin all the time. Learn about C’est Trash over at The Everyday Life of a Young American Girl in France (she even mentions one of The Husband’s guilty pleasures… here’s a hint, it’s basically France’s answer to Jersey Shore).

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11 responses to “expat escapades {round 3}”

  1. Thanks for the love! We took a train from Paris to Quimper where Les Parents picked us up (but there is a bus too). Benodet is gorgeous but the neighboring Sainte-Marine is adorable as well. I hope you make it here some day!


  2. I wouldn't mind being Reese Witherspoon! Nor marrying Channing Tatum, haha 😉 thanks for the mention!


  3. What a fun series! We should crown you the new “Keith”. 😉


  4. Man I'm so glad you love Ireland so much, gets me all kinds of Link Love 😉


  5. I see Ksam beat me to it! I was going to suggest the same thing! How very fun and Keith-like of you. Thanks for the mention!


  6. Thanks for the great recommendations, Sara! I will check them out! And I love to read about Alex' travels in Ireland! I think I need to plan an Ireland vacation for next year!Have a great weekend!


  7. I think you need to drop Brittany shaped hints to the Londons ;o)


  8. i went to france for the first time last month! miss it, it was a lovely time! now following you for my little fix of french!bloganticipation.blogspot.com


  9. Thank you so much Sara for the recap of my favorite blogs! I have been a bit out of the loop and you just handed me a cheat sheet of what's been going on with these amazing bloggers! xo!


  10. I hope you make it to Brittany! It's gorgeous, despite the impossible train ride 🙂


  11. Brittany is where I spent that month when I had my first kiss! It's beautiful – GO GO GO. (also, thanks for linking to the stuff about Roubaix.)


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