Brazil Day {le jour}

Here’s the thing about Brazil Day. It’s madness. Pure, unadulterated madness. Not as much the event itself but the happenings surrounding it. You know that song from Love Actually, Love Is All Around? Yeah, well, if it had been written about The LPV it would have been called, Crazy Is All Around.

Experiencing Brazil Day is one thing, trying to recapture it in post for you is a different kettle of fish altogether, it’s very difficult. But the thing is, you have to believe me when I say this, Brazil Day is nuts (but then again, The LPV is nuts). So I will endeavor to do my best in describing the nuttiness that was.

The Croupier was attending Brazil Day for the first time this year, and since Mrs. London was going as well, Gregory decided that a Thursday morning gossip session was much more entertaining than sweating it out on the hot sand playing beach football. (The Croupier is Gregory’s all time favorite gossip partner. They started gossiping together when they were tweens, stopped briefly to date each other and then decided that they shouldn’t mess with a good thing. Best gossip buddies they’ve been ever since.)

Sidenote: Every year Brazil Day is held on le jour de l’ Assomption, which is a Catholic holiday here in France and a day off. So that’s why everybody can sit around drinking beer, listening to loud mind numbing techno, and playing beach soccer in the middle of the week.  

{Bubble, Baby Cousin & Honey Jr}

An hour or two in, Mrs. London and I got up from our seats to do a lap around the village and stretch our legs. As we walked into the street behind all of the festivities, Child Bride’s youngest sister, Wolf (she’s about ten I think, I can never remember), came running up to me shouting my name and waving her arms in all sorts of Gallic gestures. A pigeon had been attacked by a cat and was left flapping about under a car and she wanted me to come and look at it. For some reason this was something she just HAD TO TELL ME. Why me? Why did I have to see it? And I’m I really the proper person to deal with something like that? No, I’m not. I told her I’d go and find Brother-in-Law so he could deal with it and continued on my way.

(I’ve told you the above anecdote purely to highlight the random craziness that one encounters in The LPV… flapping semi-lifeless pigeons, murderous cats, and a girl named Wolf. For the record, I have not nicknamed Wolf, Wolf, it’s actually her name. OK, not Wolf, but the French word for Wolf, Loup. And there you go. )

Flapping pigeon crisis averted we returned to our seats and found that George had foraged some mint in an attempt at Mojito making. (Once again I was promised by the Brazil Day Committee that there would be Mojitos or Caipirinhas and once again I was lied to. I really need to stop being so gullible.)

We ordered a few shots of Rum and a couple of glasses of fizzy lemonade and figured we’d be all set. The waitress dropped off our drinks and charged us €2.50 per cup of fizzy lemonade… €2.50 (that’s $3.35)! These weren’t cans, or small individual bottles but small cups, poured out of a plastic bottle. That’s highway robbery and Big Man had our hands in the air. But, what were going to do? Of course we paid…

For the next round, I walked into the bar and ordered the lemonade from the waitress that had been hired for the day (never seen her before in my life). She charged me €2.70 per cup. WHAT THE?! I was momentarily dazed by the 20¢ mark up that had occurred within the hour (a mark up on top of a mark up) and I carried my lemonade outside. I told Gregory and he promptly flagged down the waitress and asked what the 20¢ price hike was all about. She looked at me, looked back at him and said, “oh sorry, I thought she was a tourist.WHAT THE?! (Yes, that actually happened… I’ll leave you a moment to absorb that scandalous nugget.)

The waitress left and returned tossing 20¢ on the table. That really wasn’t the point but with lemonade costing €2.50 a cup, I pocketed it.

Let’s see, what else happened…

The Cousin was there with Petit Cousin (you know, the one that’s named after an X-Man character) aka the most gangsta baby ever. Honestly, I’m expecting him to come out with his own rap video any day now.

I have no idea who won the beach soccer tournament (too busy gossiping and being overcharged) but since Honey Jr was refereeing again, I’m going to go ahead and say his team. However, I can tell you that Gregory and Honey’s Honey did not win the beach volleyball despite their best effort (And despite Honey Jr refereeing that too. He’s quite the busy little bee on Brazil Day… do you see what I did there… Honey Jr… bee… hee hee!)

beach volleyball south of France

For lunch we got price gauged again… €10 for a plate of two sausages and chips (that’s French fries to my American brethren) or in my case, €10 for a plate of chips since I don’t like Chipolatas. At least the €10 was the same price for everybody (but then again, I’m not too sure… I forgot to ask the holidaying Parisians how much they were charged, but knowing Big Man, how much he likes money, and how much he dislikes Parisians, I’m going to go ahead and wager that they paid more).

And Gregory spent some quality time with his future Goddaughter, passing on sage wisdom (gossip more likely) and rubs. (HOW CUTE IS THAT T-SHIRT?!)
That is when he wasn’t stealing her mother’s ice cream anyway. 
Only Gregory would sit on a pregnant woman’s lap and rob her ice cream cone off of her. I’m mean really, the boy has no shame. 
That’s where I’m going to leave it for the day. The crazy continues with nighttime at Brazil Day, up next. 
Same crazy channel. Same crazy place. 
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18 responses to “Brazil Day {le jour}”

  1. We missed so much fun, going away for the afternoon… ah well, at least it stopped the Big Man robbing us blind for a while.


  2. Wait, “Loup”??? Really??? I am still trying to take in that particular crazy fact and then I'll get on to the others, save for tourists being over-charged as that is flat out normal in my neck of the woods.


  3. Really?! That pisses me off that she raised the price for tourists. Ugh. I'm laughing at your hubs stealing the pregnant ladies ice cream cone. LOL


  4. Goodness me! Don't you have fun in your PV?! I suspect we'd be grumpy personified on the sidelines, not getting involved…But then we're too old for beach volleyball!


  5. So glad you stopped by my blog! I lived/worked in Beausoleil, France as an au pair, so I'm really excited to follow your more permanent journey as an ex-pat :). à bientôt!


  6. “Thought she was a tourist”…. what a ass wad move that was! But what a fun day overall!


  7. “I don't like chipolatas.” !!!!!!!!!!!! I dream of them. I'm weird though.


  8. Ha, they don't seem to do the markup in the Ventoux area, it's all quite reasonable, but then I haven't been there on a town fete day, all bets may be off then ;o) Plus, of course, it's overrun with cyclists all the time, so it's not like they have to work for their tourist €


  9. That looks like my kind of day. However if I was pregnant and someone stole my ice cream cone, I better get two back in return. 😉 x


  10. Did Fifty get to attend the festivities? I'm sure he woukd have happily taken the sausages off your hands.


  11. How nice that they charged you more because they thought you were a tourist!And I wonder what happened to the poor pigeon!


  12. The 20 centime hike up because you were a presumed tourist is majorly effed. And I have to say, I don't like how she just tossed the coin on the table…I'm glad she was a day-only hire!The photo of G on the pregnant woman's lap is priceless! What great memories you manage to always collect. It looks like yet another successful Brazil Day!


  13. That t-shirt is the cutest! I love the photo of Gregory on her lap! You guys are always having WAY too much fun!


  14. Wow…cannot wait to hear more about this. Also, just in case I forget to tell you, I always read the blog late at night just before bed on my phone which makes it a nightmare to actually comment. But I comment ALL the time in my head — just so you know. See you in a few weeks!!! xx


  15. OMG Brasil day? That's amazing! I want one here!!!


  16. I had no idea that 'Brazil Day' was a thing in France but hey, any excuse to drink beer in the sunshine sounds good to me!


  17. Craziness abounds in the LPV as usual on Brazil Day. I have heard tales of different prices for locals and tourists but have never heard it from anyone who actually caught the “perps” red-handed. Way to go!


  18. haha did the belly rubs bring him good luck? (or does ice cream = good luck?)


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