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Travel Supermarket hosts a photo blogging competition called, Capture the Colour, and this year Expat Tales has ever so kindly asked me to take part. Now as any Le Petit Village reader knows, photography is not my strong suit, but I thought I’d have a look through the old album and see what I could come up with to represent the required colours; red, blue, green, yellow, and white.

Red: RC Toulon fans cheering on their team at this year’s Top 14 rugby championship match held at Stade de France in Paris. Unfortunately all of that cheering didn’t help them to win and Toulon lost to Castres. Oh well, Toulon may not be champions of France but they are champions of Europe and that’s way cooler in my book anyway.

Blue: The tranquil port de Carqueiranne where Mrs. London and I like to escape to for some quiet time (i.e., lots of sushi and lots of rosé).

Green: L’escargot in my back garden in Le Petit Village, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France. I think he (I’ve decided that little guy is a he) makes the green leaves around him pop quite nicely, don’t you?

Yellow: Look at all of those fragrant spices for sale at the market. They sell spices at most of the Provencal markets I’ve come across, but this display is the nicest I’ve seen.

White: White buds bursting out of their blooms outside of my village. I have no idea what type of blooms they are but I walk across this tree everyday when Fifty takes me for my walk. Does anyone know what type they are?

. . . . . . . . . . 

As part of the competition, I get to nominate five bloggers to participate share their photos based on the rules of the Capture the Colour Competition who will then nominate five other bloggers to do the same. Don’t forget to tweet #CTC13 to @travelsupermkt with your blog’s URL to complete your entry.

In alphabetical order because that’s my favorite kind, my nominations are; Adventures of an Artist, Wife, and MomDanielle AbroadLazy BoleynNew Life in Spain, and The Well Traveled Wife

The deadline for entry is 9th October. Bonne chance!

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17 responses to “capture the colour”

  1. great pics! i especially love the red, yellow, and blue… and now im craving sushi ughh!


  2. For someone who says photography isn't their strong suit, I'd say these are pretty darn awesome! I love the boats on the water – the water looks so pretty and glassy!


  3. Ooooh really dig the red and yellow!


  4. Hooo, lovely pic of all those spices at a market. And talking of food markets in France, one of my favourites is the Marché des Capucins in the centre of the city. It. Is. MASSIVE! It varies in size according to the time of year but in the middle of summer it sprawls out over god knows how many streets and there are so many spices to be seen there that the whole area smells of them. Delicious, and it's a must-visit for anyone who hasn't yet been there.


  5. Great photos. And literally 5 minutes ago I was lamenting about the lack of spices over here in Russia, so cheers for that sad reminder 😉


  6. I like the red and I also read the article about the match with Toulon. But there is nothing about the “Pilou Pilou” very important when you talk about the RCT…..


  7. Think you ticked all the boxes nicely there!


  8. Love your yellow spic pics! I had so much fun doing this this week too!


  9. Those are great pictures! and so different. good luck!


  10. These are great! Nice color representation!!


  11. Great submission! I especially loved the red one. I never would have thought of a sports team but how terrific and true a representation of that respective color!


  12. Bonne chance to you too! I especially like your blue photo of the port – a really serene picture with the boats lined up and the different shades of blue. A close second would be those spices!


  13. I love all your pictures and I think that you are a great photographer! Love that snail!


  14. Oooh, fabulous pictures! I like the red and green ones best.


  15. Hello hello, thank you for the nomination! I can see that I saw this a little too late, but I still might do it anyway 🙂 Fun! The white flowers are gorgeous. I can understand why Fifty takes you there every day.


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