[A little factoid for your Friday… mdr is the French equivalent of lol]

It’s Friday y’all! Or, c’est vendredi y’all! (I have no idea how to say y’all in French, maybe tout le monde, yes, we’ll go with tout le monde.)

C’est vendredi tout le monde!

Yes, that’s better. (Can you tell I’m excited? I’m SO excited… there is a wine bar with delicious French nibbles and delicious French wine in my twelve hour from now future.)

Today I’m celebrating the fact that it’s Friday and a beautiful perfectly crisp blue sky Autumny kind of Friday at that. And what better way to celebrate then with something that is making me happy at the moment, and I like to share things that make me happy with you guys. But because you’re my crew and we’re tight, I’m going to confess something too…

French TV and I aren’t the best of friends. There, I said it. Honestly, I don’t think it’s got the most entertaining stuff happening on it in my opinion. (I’m stressing that it’s MY opinion because I don’t want the same thing to happen to me, that happened to this poor American writer in the comment section of this post after she dared to poke fun at France… mon dieu!)

However, lately I’ve been loving Le Petit Journal. It’s basically France’s answer to The Daily Show. The host even has salt and peppered hair à la Jon Stewart. (I’ll admit that even though I’ve got a teensy crush on Mr. Stewart, his French counterpart is awfully cute too.)


But as cute as Monsieur Barthès is, the real reason I watch it is for Catherine and Liliane; two ‘women’ who gossip about what’s going on in the gossip mags. They make me laugh so much that I decided I simply had to share them with you. The genius of Catherine and Liliana is that you don’t have to know French to find them funny. So on this perfectly, crisp Autumn Friday, I give you the gift of laughter. (Feel free to laugh in French… mdr)
Le Petit Journal du 02/09 – La revue de presse de Catherine et Liliane
Le Petit Journal du 11/10 – La revue de presse de Catherine et Liliane
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12 responses to “mdr”

  1. These women are hilarious! I actually am laughing right now. “Ca m'énerve, ça m'énerve!” Hahaha! I'm watching all of them now. Thanks for the Friday giggles! And hubba hubba M. Barthès is fine. (note: “fine” is said with a Queens accent.)


  2. I would watch just for Monsieur Barthes!


  3. Bonjour Monsieur Barthes! : ) French tv is a marvel compared to Italian!Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo


  4. Love it! More please!They're hilarious (although that is some pretty darned high-pitched fast French, so I admit I couldn't understand much) – best bit was the cat fight and the vase playing (i have that vase…random?…can't play it though)Do you reckon they're just 2 guys in the journo office who they decided would do a good act dressing up? I do! ;)Enjoy your wine & nibbles! Je suis jaloux! 🙂 x


  5. Those two are hilarious. I'll tell you another one who's hilarious and that's Nicolas Canteloup who is on TF1 at about 8.50pm. He takes the piss out of everyone, especially politicians and doesn't care who they are.


  6. Alas, a teensy bit too fast for me, but I got the gist of it :o) Yer man's not too hard on the eyes either…


  7. Thank you for giving me a good laugh! I am reviewing the little French I have currently for my semester abroad starting in January and Catherine and Liliane seem like exactly the right thing to watch… though I didn't get half (who am I kidding 4/5) of what they said, it's still pretty entertaining!


  8. blog intéressant de cette écrivain américaine qui explique en gros que les Français sont des racistes et des obsédé sexuel .Dans la Marseillaise un sang impur “c,est le sang bleu,le sang bleu est celui de la noblesse”Pour vous prouver que nous Français nous avons aussi beaucoup d,humour ,il paraît que les pères fondateur de la démocratie Américaine (Washington et ses amis )étaient des esclavagistes .C,es-t drôle ça .Oh j,ai encore plus drôle c,est bientôt thanksgiving .Alors là, c,est le pompon excusez mon ignorance au sujet de cette fête ,je crois ,du moins il paraît que c,est pour commémorer la gentillesse des indiens qui ont aidé les premiers colons américains a survivre .Je me suis renseigné sur le sort qui a été réservé aux indiens .Ah le sens de l,humour des FrançaisNICOLAS humoriste Français


  9. Catherine et Liliane are hilarious! Even when I don't understand every single word they say! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! At least French TV seems to be better than German!Have a great Saturday!


  10. I have a crush on Jon Stewart too. I will have to learn more about this French counter part…. 🙂


  11. haha I can't BELIVE Catherine and Liliane are for real – that's amazing. and HELLO HANDSOME PLEASE SPEAK FRENCH TO ME WITH YOUR FACE.


  12. Ah, that's cool! Spain needs to get something like this!


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