expat escapades {round 12}

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If anyone feels like making me one, I’ll be your best friend. 

One of the absolute best things about being an expat is getting to experience all of the local customs and traditions in your new home. If you’re an expat in the U.S., you get to take part in 4th of July fireworks, in France the fireworks for Bastille Day (aka  La Fête Nationale), and in Great Britain, Bonfire Night where Bonnie was getting in on the fun. A bonfire, fireworks, mulled wine, and delicious English sausages (I lurve English saussies), and the burning of an effigy of Guy Fawkes. It’s good, wholesome fun.  

And what better way to really delve into local customs than to find a local to show you… Polly has got herself a Moscow man (that should be a song sung to The Village People’s Nacho Man… Moscow, Moscow Man…) and she’s posted all about what that’s like (which is surprising a lot like dating a French man just in a different language).

Here’s something a young American woman probably never would have dreamed she’d do but thanks to a move to England, she did… mudlarking in the Thames. What’s mudlarking you ask? Click here and find out.

And sometimes you find out that your new home has strange rules, like for instance, did you know that wearing tulle is forbidden at the Louvre? Color me shocked but apparently it is. In typical Ella Coquine fashion, she got into a kerfuffle with a museum security guard over tulle. That’s right, tulle. Ella was wearing a tulle skirt (as one does when visiting museums) and the security said that the Louvre was a tulle-free zone and he didn’t want to let her in. A tulle-free zone?! In France?! HOGWASH!

Sticking to Gay Paree for the moment…

If you’d like to get swept up in some sweet Parisian romance, read Rachel’s post about why her and her husband really went to Paris to celebrate their  wedding anniversary. It made me go all gooey.

And finally… MEEEEE! Check out my post on Betsy Transatlantically to find out what I’ve been up to… currently.

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14 responses to “expat escapades {round 12}”

  1. Ah, thanks for featuring me again!As always, you make me lose my mind with wanting to visit France!


  2. I wanted to add to keep a look out later this month on True Colours blog with Casey about my Bonfire Night Experience last year in Lewes. You'll love it!


  3. I have to say that wearing tulle in the Louvre sounds a bit silly but at the same time, I cannot find proof of that being a rule anywhere. I have been to the Louvre, countless times and while I generally don't wear ballet tutus or such, silky , tule-ish scarves are perfectly fine .. This whole story sounds a bit over the top … over the tulle ? lolI am surprised when people find the Louvre overwhelming. In a negative way.The size of the place itself is breathtaking, my imagination goes wild, thinking of living there way back when … not as a servant, mind you :)I am in heaven when I walk into a museum where as far as you can see, is art. Of the best kind. You can live there and go every day and it would take you ages to see it all.That , in my opinion, is wonderful, not overwhelming so much as pleasurable- just think of how much you get to see … and then just admire the rooms ! the ceilings ! the lights !Then go to the D'Orsay and have tea and enjoy it all over again .. on a more manageable scale .


  4. Thanks for including me 🙂 This is always a great way to see all the great posts I have missed!


  5. You really are the best, Sara! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I'm sorry, a TULLE FREE ZONE? you have got to be kidding me.there was a little girl at Costco the other day in a full-on tutu. she was AWESOME.


  7. Oh wow. Hmm okay. Of course there is no rule saying that tulle isn't allowed. It was a joke! He just thought I was in costume. While I think tulle is always a lovely option (can't help it, I'm girly like that!), the reason I was wearing it on this particular evening was for a Halloween-themed treasure hunt hosted by THATLou. We were encouraged to dress up a little. The Louvre was lovely and I do look forward to seeing it again (perhaps the way you do) but I still prefer the d'Orsay where I have my standing triannual date with my husband's grandmother…we ditch the tea though, for wine in the restaurant after. : )


  8. Thanks for including me again Sara! Heading to Betsy's (God I love that name) blog to check out your post!


  9. look realy interesting and nice article i like and enjoy…


  10. Wearing tulle is forbidden at the Louvre? That is the most hilarious thing I've heard yet today!!! Would make a great book title!! hehe


  11. I seriously love that you do this! It's always fun to see the great posts that I missed over the week! Thanks Sara for adding our little story to it!


  12. I always love your escapades. They're like the perfect little hop about. I wish my bloglovin feed was organised like this so I could read a nice little story and not look at a list of a million things to read! Now I can have a nice cup of tea and pop over to find out what all this fuss about tulle was all about 😉


  13. so leave all tulle skirtts at home when coming to visit the LPV….I'm going to need a new wardrobe.


  14. I loved the tulle at the Louvre story lol


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