expat escapades {round 13}

Remember those ‘most likely to’ awards in school, like most likely to succeed and most likely to be famous? Well today’s round of Expat Escapades is a ‘most likely to’. I just feel like it.

. . . . . . . . . . 
The award for most likely to make me wish I lived in a big city goes to Gina at Sweet Serenity. Gina took us on a stroll through London hitting up some gorgeous bits, and I don’t mean touristy bits, I mean the bits that you see when you live someplace… pretty store window displays, bright flowers stalls, a busy shopping street… it’s London eye candy at its finest.

But thanks to Gregory, I don’t live in a city, I live in a tiny village (thank you Gregory [insert sarcasm font here]). Of course as much as I do wish I lived in a big city, I wouldn’t go back and change things for anything, especially after reading Kate’s French Dating Horror Stories post. It without a doubt wins the award for most likely to make me happy I met Gregory.

So even though I live in a village when I’d rather live in a city, I’m still in France, which lets face it, isn’t a shabby place to be, just ask Anna. Anna lives here too and her post about tasting the first Beaujolais Nouveau of 2013 wins the most likely to make me appreciate living in France award, because we live in a place that goes absolutely cray cray, every year when the first wine of the season is bottled, sold, and sipped. It’s a wino thing.

But with all of that French goodness like wine comes a trade off, like with television, I have to say, it’s not the best here. So the award for most likely to make me nod my head in agreement goes to Louisa and her post, The Wonders of Italian Television. I guess Italy is in the same boat as France on this one… the good wine, bad TV boat… in fairness, it’s not a bad boat to be in.

I’m sure Jessica would agree with me. Jessica took a Vespa tour in Tuscany and if that doesn’t win the award for most likely to make me want to go on holiday right now, then I don’t know what does.

If I did get to go on holiday, I’d love to bring all of my friends from back home with me because I’m missing them right now (i.e., the Thanksgiving Blues) and Alex’s Onesie Party certainly didn’t help, so the award for most likely to make me wish I could hang with my girls goes to Alex (it also makes me really, really wish I had a onesie… Santa, take note). 

And last but certainly not least goes to Casey at We Took the Road Less Traveled who wins the award for most likely to make me want Christmas to hurry up and get here. Casey went to Zermatt, Switzerland, a place that basically looks like it was made for Christmas… snow, red-ribboned wreaths, twinkling lights and a Bernese Mountain Dog (the most Christmassy looking dogs there ever were). It’s beginning to look a lot like… 
But look at me talking about Christmas when Thanksgiving is a mere day away… Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends! And to my non-American friends, Happy Fill In The Blank With Anything You’d Like!

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10 responses to “expat escapades {round 13}”

  1. Alex's parties always make me totally jealous!I've tagged you in a post: https://confuzzledom.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/lets-play-holiday-season-tag/ Only play along if you want to though 🙂


  2. Hahaa this is an awesome idea. Oh 😦 now Alex's onesie party has made me miss my girls too!


  3. I think I'll begin in Switzerland then follow the Vespa tour of Tuscany and then London! In fact I'm looking forward to a little Christmas shopping in London very soon! I love the way your links are varied!http://missbbobochic.blogspot.co.uk/


  4. Woo hoo! Expat round-up! I'm devouring Kate's French dating story right now and am loving it!! Oh la la. Will work my way down the rest of the posts during the day. Thanks for the Wednesday reading material Sara and congrats to everyone featured!


  5. Those dang holidays make it so easy to miss the people at home. Cuddling up in a onesie though sure would help. Any Primarks nearby?


  6. ahh so many fun posts – all of which make me want to travel again asap! :)– jackie @ jade and oak


  7. Happy Thanksgiving Sara!


  8. Great stories and even greater yearn to follow some of the feet. Happy Thanksgiving!!! xx


  9. Thanks for more reading material, Sara! Alex' party looks like so much fun!


  10. Yay! Thanks for including me! Can't tell you how excited I was yesterday morning. I love reading your expat escapades and to be included is pretty cool! Thanks! Off to read the other links {blog addiction} with a nice hot chocolate. Enjoy your day ~ happy thanksgiving!


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