a good one

Only two weekends left until Christmas… I can hardly believe it. Really, it’s too much, and gone way too quickly. This time last year my mother was arriving for her month long visit and I swear, it is so crystal clear in my head, it could have been yesterday. I know I’m going to sound like an old fogey when I say this but seriously, where does the time go? Listen to me you little whippersnappers, and take my advice; life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 

(Actually, that’s not my advice, that’s Ferris Bueller’s advice, but it’s still awfully good… that is, if any of you young whippersnappers even know who Ferris Bueller is…)

So with only two weekends left until Christmas, and only three left of 2013, it is definitely time to savor every last drop and squeeze all of the goodness out of the remaining bits of the year that we can.  And today I’m going to tell you about a not to long ago weekend, when Gregory and I did just that.

I’m going to start my three day weekend tale on the Saturday (my Friday evening wasn’t anything to write home about… I was asleep by 10, a much more common occurrence than I care to admit). It was one of those last, sunny, crisp fall days, the ones that you go outside for because you know that soon the cold grasp of winter will take hold. We went to our local for a drink in the sunshine. My friend Boris joined us for a spell but after a few minutes he decided the butchers seemed like a promising place to be so he sat out there for a bit (of course it paid off… after only a couple of minutes of begging, Le Boucher appeared and popped something in Boris’s mouth).

Later that afternoon, we went to visit Mr.&Mrs.Honey. It had been awhile since we’d seen them and they’re always good company. Plus, you never know what fantastic things we’ll get up to while we’re there… whether it’s sampling homemade alcohol or being given mushrooms that sheep brush their teeth with (yeah, you read that last bit correctly), The Honeys are always entertaining.

This time it was Champagne and rap videos. Mrs.Honey poured the Champagne while Mr.Honey put on the rap music channel (I was confused too). I swear that house is a bit like tumbling down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole but in the best possible way.

After two bottles of Champagne and enough French rap to last me a lifetime, we managed to tear ourselves away for an evening at The Croupier’s house with Honey Jr and Honey’s Honey.

Gregory thought that if he listened hard enough, he might be able to hear the ocean.
Since The Croupier’s baby was due in a little over a week, she had kind of barricaded herself in her house and so if you wanted to see her, you had to go there. Not a problem really, I like The Croupier’s house, she always has interesting things to show me. This time it was the wild mushrooms she had been marinating all day. (Marinated wild mushrooms are a staple in homes in Provence and everyone has their own special recipe… except for me, and you know why that is.)
The wild mushrooms served as a pleasant distraction from the mess that was the France vs. New Zealand rugby match we were watching. (Dear Philippe Saint-André… I hate you. Sincerely, Sara Louise.) I’ll give you a clue, France lost. 
And that’s where I’m going to leave off my three day weekend tale. Stay tuned for the continuation featuring; football, rainbows, a crêpe party, a spirited debate about cheese and Honey Jr being held hostage.

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9 responses to “a good one”

  1. “Champagne and rap videos” pretty much sounds amazing. Rap videos generally make me want to drink Champagne as it's mentioned A LOT in the lyrics, so it was perfect. The Honeys know what's up.Only 3 weekends of 2013? Whaaaaaaaa?


  2. Surely everyone knows Ferris. He's a righteous dude. Is that the same butcher you went to when we stayed at the gite? That was yummy.


  3. I feel sorry for the people who don't know who Ferris Bueller is…A crepe party?! I'm looking forward to hearing about that one. That's my kind of party!


  4. I'm with ya! Where has the bloody time gone!? Life is flying on by!


  5. I used to laugh when my Grandma used to say that time goes more quickly the older you get and now I know exactly what she meant!! The worst part about winter (in England) is not being able to sit outside enjoying a drink in the sunshine. Bon week-end!


  6. I love mushrooms so I am intrigued by marinated ones, along with the sheep teeth-brushing ones! I love Ferris Bueller….”You're Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago?”


  7. Sounds like you partied all weekend long!


  8. Time flying! -It's only a week away until the shortest day and then it all gets better again! I love the hopeful spirit of Boris, and what a kind butcher. Enjoy the run up to Christmas.p.s. does LPV tie those funny foil bows to the fences and hedges and have the suicidal santas dangling from gutters?


  9. Thanks for reminding me of Ferris Bueller, I need to watch that movie again as soon as possible. For the probably 30th times. Glad you had such a great weekend! Enjoy your Sunday!


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