Une Histoire de Noël

You’ll shoot your eye out”… my favorite line from one of my favorite Christmas movies; never did I ever think it would pertain to one of my Christmases, but thanks to the AK-47 BB gun that Mr.London found wrapped and waiting under the tree from Gregory, it did.

While I should be counting my blessings that nobody did actually shoot their eye out, for me, Christmas 2013 will forever be known as the year a BB gun stole Christmas because random shootings peppered the day. And since random shootings peppered my Christmas, I thought it would fitting to have random videos of these shootings, pepper this blog post. You’re welcome.

Everybody got spoiled on Christmas morning… Mr. London was scarily happy with his BB gun, Gregory was given so many jackets that he’ll never be cold again, and somehow, Mrs. London’s presents turned her into Mrs. Moscow.

Dinner was an international affair with three English, three French, one South African, and one American (that would be me), but since Mr.London  does all of the Christmas dinner cooking every year, I didn’t have to lift a finger for our United Nations feast and got to spend the day doing practically nothing. It was pretty cool, I’m not gonna lie.

This year Mr. London drove all the way to Antibes to pick up the turkey, and then he lovingly wrapped it in bacon (I kind of wish somebody would lovingly wrap me in bacon.)

And because turkey alone isn’t good enough for Mr.London, he made ham and roast beef as well. That along with a bunch of other traditional goodness and some not-so-traditional wine (which was surprisingly delicious), we had quite the scrumptious feast.

After dinner, the boys played cards, but since they had to incorporate the BB gun antics into the mix, losing hands were met with a rendezvous with the firing squad. (Are you surprised by this? I know I’m not.)

It was without a doubt one of the most fun yet completely bizarre Christmas dinners I have ever had the pleasure of attending, the food was delicious, the company was good, not a single eyeball was shot out, and Rudolph even made an appearance. 


P.S. I cannot thank you enough for the support you have shown me with my last post. I know with you by my side, 2014 will be a whole lot less terrifying. 

12 responses to “Une Histoire de Noël”

  1. I'm no fan of guns but you can send a bacon wrapped turkey my way any time you like. Looks like fun was had by all! (except Gregory's back). Happy New Year!!


  2. Oh man – I have never even considered wrapping turkey in bacon. Now I am! It looks amazing!! I love it 🙂 the BB guns look awesome and Mrs Moscow makes me laugh!!


  3. The turkey really is lovingly wrapped in bacon. It's so artfully done! And is that a little flower garnish on its tummy?Ah the BB guns! Growing up with ALL boys this brings up Christmas memories for me as well. Except we weren't allowed to shoot EACH OTHER! Damn, you guys play rough.


  4. ROFL, well Mr London is a growing boy you know. As as all his guests now too, obviously ;o)I particularly love Mrs London and the voddie!


  5. I'll have to look at the videos later. My internet speed is at a snail's pace right now. But I have to send the bacon-wrapped to Son's Bride-to-Be. I'm not so sure she's not planning a bacon-wrapped wedding gown. Or My Little Kitty.Just warn Mr London or Gregory to never, ever, take the BB-gun out in public in the US. Possibly even in some parts of France. The police are very nervous these days. (I loved my cowboy pistol when I was a little kid, but its shiny silver-scrolled finish would never be mistaken for the real thing, to my dismay.)


  6. turkey wrapped in bacon, why have I never eaten this before. I think everything needs to be lovingly wrappedin bacon.


  7. Looks like an amazing Christmas! Bacon makes everything better, especially turkey. I'm slightly confused by the rules of rock, paper, scissors… And are Gregory and Mr. London wearing matching bumder T-shirts? Oh, those guys!


  8. With those big guys, you would need more than one turkey to feed that crowd. Sounds delicious. I am glad you survived the day without anyone getting their eye shot out.


  9. All the weapons make this look like a Texan Christmas!


  10. I can't believe they shot at each other! I don't know much about guns but I assume these ones can't really hurt you unless you shoot somebody in the eye? And what do they say when they play rock, paper, scissors? Glad you had a good time!


  11. What a fantastic spread, and what a merry day. My youngest son is a keen BB fan and is gutted he can't have such a powerful gun (legally) until he is 18. He despises the little Uzi I bought him a couple of years ago. You can get biodegradable pellets on the internet by the way… 🙂


  12. Hahaha boys and their toys! I love that they incorporated the guns into a card game. Classic!


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