woe is me

I’ve been kind of m.i.a. from my blogging life lately. Sure I’ve been eeking out a post here and there but  forget about reading any, there has been zero time for that. I guess the holidays and preparing for an international move does tend to suck all of the sand from an hour glass, but still, I’ve been feeling a little guilty and lots out of sorts. I’m tired and discombobulated and I don’t like it one bit.

So when The London’s asked Gregory and I if we could dog-sit Napoleon while they went away for the night I jumped at the chance… a night on their couch watching their Sky TV while I munched on some KFC (no KFC near The LPV) and caught up on my blog reading sounded like the perfect Saturday evening. You know that saying the best laid plans… yeah, it was like that.

Before The Londons could shoot off to the mountains to ski, Mr. London had to play a match. Gregory and I would get to Toulon early, leave Fifty to watch Napoleon, have some lunch on the port (one of my favorite things to do even if it was lashing rain), watch Mr.London do his thing, and be on the couch in our comfies by 5:30. It was perfect.

All was going to plan until the last two minutes of the match when Grenoble scored a try against Toulon giving them a one point lead and securing a victory. I looked at Mrs. London and said, “Guess you won’t be going skiing.” I was only half joking but then Mr.London emerged after the match with a sad puss on his face and confirmed that the skiing was indeed cancelled, he had to report for training at 8AM in the morning.

I quietly kissed my relaxing evening goodbye as we headed out for sushi. Of course sushi led to drinks in the bar next door which of course led to a few more drinks back at the house which of course led to a Sing Star session until 3 in the morning which of course wasn’t ‘sing’ star at all, it was more like ‘shout’ star.

So now it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m more tired than I was when I went to Toulon and I still haven’t read a single blog post… or packed a box, or sorted through any papers, or done any laundry…

I also haven’t had any KFC either.

Ta Ta for now, if anybody needs me, I’ll be having a nap (and feeling guilty).

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11 responses to “woe is me”

  1. Oh you young, beautiful, sweet Sara. It will all get done. I was making small talk with my soon to be beloved ex- son-in-law about a blog friend from the south of France. I told him she was moving back to the US, was very interesting with interesting friends, like the London's. I told him that he played soccer and was rather large. “He isn't a soccer player then,” my boy said. Oh, it is something called rugby I meant. Now there is something to make you laugh about.


  2. Your sing star sessions sound like the ones I have with my friends. Still lots of fun!


  3. AT least it was fun. I wish I had stressed less before moving to the US and had more fun with my friends. Enjoy!


  4. Ha ha – love that your quiet evening ended up with sushi, a bar and singstar! Sounds like my kind of night!


  5. Singstar though, so much fun! Omg we got fried chicken on the way home from NYE at like 3.30 am. That was the best fried chicken ever, made me realise that France is sadly devoid of such greasy treats 😦


  6. Well if it makes you feel any better you haven't missed anything on my blog. Life, Christmas and two twelve hour drives to the alps and back have me exhausted too. Your tartiflette was one of the big highlights of our New Year's Eve celebrations in the mountains though. It is absolutely one of my favourite recipes now and our guests from the USA were super impressed. A week in Savoie fulfilled one of the aims of their trip to eat lots of French cheese. And then some!!!


  7. tehehe- no worries!!! Sometime you seriously need some time to just chill. Especially after the holidays!


  8. Never say the words “quiet night” out loud… the universe will hear you and make sure it doesn't happen!


  9. hahahahaha we don't have a KFC here in Karlsruhe either, but some in nearby towns that are hard to pass up when passing by. Jealous of your sushi though, somehow I feel like it's better than here's could dream of being.


  10. oh yeah the best laid plans never end up working out! but still sounds like you had a nice time!– jackie @ jade and oak


  11. the real question: how is Fifty as a dogsitter?


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