Waking Up With Honey Jr

Today marks one month since I left France… one month! I can hardly believe it. I think Gregory and Fifty being here barely a week has made everything seem all so new and recent again.

Things are going well here, we’re settling in, but mostly chasing our tails. Well I’m chasing my tail anyway. I’m working again, and I’m trying to juggle that with making sure my boys are OK and doing all of the things that need to be done (new phones, new bank accounts, new dog licenses… being a grown-up sucks something fierce). I’m hoping that some sort of routine falls into place soon. I’m sure it will because I had found one right before Gregory and Fifty arrived and then WHOOSH… it was gone!

Basically, this is all in the way of saying that while I have loads of things to post about, I just can’t seem to get my brain and schedule to cooperate. So today I thought I’d cheat and post an oldie but a goodie from all the way back in November 2009. It was a simple time, a happy time, a quintessential Le Petit Village time.

. . . . . . . . . .

We have a new neighbor. Honey Jr has moved in across the street to an apartment on top of his grandmother’s house. The Boyfriend is very excited about this. I guess the half a mile journey to the Honey’s house was just too great a distance for him and Honey Jr to endure.

A typical weekend morning now goes something like this. The Boyfriend will go around the house opening all the shutters, saving what is now his favorite for last, the bedroom shutters that face Honey Jr’s kitchen shutters. As soon as he has them open the shouting begins. The Boyfriend has decided that since Honey Jr is across the street, it is his job to be Honey Jr’s weekend wake up call.

The Boyfriend will stick his head out the window and yell and shout until Honey Jr wakes ups, walks to his kitchen and shouts back, “oui“. This is not always a quick process.

The two will then proceed in conversation, leaning out the windows, shouting back and forth, about God only knows what. I’m sure it’s very important, far to important to have inside, together, like normal people. They are clearly enjoying their new form of communication. Think of all the money that they’ll save on phone bills, what with them being so far apart before.

After a few minutes of listening to them, I will stick my head out the kitchen window downstairs, throw a quick smile to Honey Jr, and then turn my head to look up at the Boyfriend,

You do realize that is is 7:30 and people are sleeping?

“No. No one is sleeping.”

Well no, not now.”


11 responses to “Waking Up With Honey Jr”

  1. Lol, love the conversational throwback!Hope you find your routine again tout de suite!


  2. I can pretty much understand how you are feeling.. although there were no jobs involved when we returned to the US .. just finding a home and a car and waiting for ships to bring furniture then a sudden tragic change in everything so I do know how those early days are.But …. you can understand everything everyone is saying lol and the food is nice and as you say, everything will settle down.Welcome back to the US … ( I was so glad to be back and so wishing I was in BA ) .. expect that a lot.


  3. Hahah! This is a goodie!! I love the way you write, always so entertaining. Good luck with all the annoying grown up stuff – being a grown up does suck sometimes


  4. I'm so confused though. Are you in Texas or on the east coast? And where are you working? Details, I need details!!! ;)I love the idea of being close enough to yell out the window to each other! 🙂


  5. Too funny! This sort of thing carries on in Italy too. Two cars driving opposite directions will stop in the road because they realise they're friends/family/colleague/the baker and have a chat.www.myfamilyandabruzzo.com


  6. Whew, a month already, huh?! It's crazy how fast time flies! So are you guys already in MA?


  7. Haha thanks for sharing this again. 🙂 Can't believe it is a month already! Hope you can take care of everything and it is not too stressful!


  8. We're still in Texas, we'll be here for a few more months at least, probably until September. I'm fully expecting Gregory to be saying, “y'all” before our time here is finished 😉


  9. No, not yet. We won't be in MA for a few more months. We have a hot, Texas summer to endure first 😉


  10. Congrats on the job! I can imagine you had settled into a routine already and now it's all crazy again. I sure hope you'll find a new routine soon and get everything done so you can just enjoy being there :)Loved the story you shared, it made me laugh :DHave a wonderful week!


  11. What a fun flashback. Love the pic you posted


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