So Long Toulong

Disclaimer: Technically the title of this post should read; So Long Toulon, but I felt like jazzing it up a bit, with a rhyme. It’s not the best rhyme in the world, but how about you humor me and pretend like it is.

Driving to Toulon from Le Petit Village for the last time was indeed bittersweet (thankfully we had that delicious stop in Cassis to soften the heartbreak). So many memories had been made in that Côte d’Azur city in such a short time.

When I first moved to France, I never would have imagined that a cousin of mine would end up in France as well. And who would have thought that Gregory and Mr. London would fall in brotherly love at first sight and get on like a five alarm house on fire? Certainly not me, but they did and we were able to form our own little Bracken home-away-from-home. I loved the sweet, familial, comfort of it, we all did, even Fifty and Napoleonthe oddest doggy pair there ever was.

But of course with all of that closeness, we knew that our goodbyes would be dreadfully hard (one of the reasons that The Londons decided to tag along to Paris… to prolong the inevitable) so we did our best to make the most of that last weekend together squeezing in my most beloved Toulon things like sitting on the Mediterranean port sipping pre-match Mojitos, being silly during the Pilou Pilou, getting a cuddle from one of my favorite rugby players and going out for late night, post-match sushi. 

It was a sad, but perfectly heartwarming goodbye to the city that became like my second home during my time in France. And as for The Londons… well, we’ll always have Paris.

(That’s my coy way of saying that the Paris posts are coming soon… stay tuned!)

9 responses to “So Long Toulong”

  1. You need to tell them they can never move, so you can go back and visit!


  2. Man, goodbyes are never easy. Looks like you guys just have a reason to go back and visit. Not that you didn't have a reason anyway, but still.


  3. Girl after my own heart with the “so long, Toulong” joke! When I found out I was going to be a language assistant in the Académie de Nice I was praying not to get Toulon. Imagine going all the way from NZ and ending up in rugby central, bleh! (For me, I know you have different feelings about rugby!)


  4. Oh and talking of Cadillacs, behold this magnificent ad: USA! USA!


  5. Looking forward to the Paris posts!


  6. I can imagine how bittersweet this goodbye was! Can't wait to read about Paris!


  7. I love puns so your title works for me 🙂 always bittersweet moving away so I know just what you mean.


  8. I'm sure you had a wonderful final weekend in Paris evern though you obviously all felt sad. I'm looking forward to your Paris posts. I never tire of visiting this amazing city or seeing other people's photos. The trouble is I will then want to book another trip!


  9. oh MAN are these recaps making your homesick? they're making me homesick FOR you! sorry, that probably doesn't help. but it sounds like you and G sent yourselves off in style 🙂


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