Paris {un}

Saying goodbye to France from Paris seemed like an oddly, fitting thing to do. After all, I had been trying to visit the City of Lights for four years (and that whirlwind trip last year doesn’t exactly count).

Originally, Gregory and I had planned a romantic trip for just the two of us; a couple of days in mid-February to celebrate my fourth of February birthday, Valentine’s Day, and to pre-celebrate our wedding anniversary in March that we would be apart for.

I was so excited, finally a couple of days in Paris! And unlike when I had been years and years ago, this time I thought I would truly be able to enjoy since I had a decent hold on the French language, and I’d be with my very own Frenchman.

Then the high jacking began… first my mother said that since she and I would be flying out of Paris, why make two trips? I should tack Paris onto the end. That made sense to me time wise and it made sense to Gregory pocket wise. Why pay for an extra round of TGV tickets if we had to go up there anyway? And even though my mother would be there too, she assured us that she would let us do our own thing. Sorted… the three of us would TGV up to Paris on March 1st.

And then my mother mentioned Mrs. London… maybe she would like to join us? Hmmm… why not, I thought. I’m sure Mr. London would be busy working, and Mrs. London could bunk in with my mother. Sounded like a plan to me.

But then Mr. London heard of our plans and it turns out he didn’t have to work, and of course he wanted to go to Paris with Gregory. Because why wouldn’t he want to spend a couple of days in the most romantic city in the world with his Bumder?! Of course he would.

And let’s not forget my brother. Remember, he was visiting Le Petit Village, so naturally he should get to go to Paris as well. Fine… WE’D ALL GO TO PARIS.

Ciao, ciao romantic trip to Paris… hello National Lampoons Family Vacation.

10 responses to “Paris {un}”

  1. Family sabotage! I think you deserve a romantic summer holiday now since you so graciously allowed everyone to join you and G in Paris!


  2. Haha oh family take over for sure! I agree with Sarah, you two need a romantic trip somewhere just the two of you!


  3. Sounds like the next retour a Paris will be just you and Gregory! p.s. just saw the foto of him with the pink sports car – what does he think of all these big America autos?


  4. Next time you go, don't tell anyone… except Gregory of course!


  5. Haha I feel you. 🙂 You definitely deserve a romantic getaway! Just you and Gregory!


  6. Hahahahahaha this sounds like a movie scene.


  7. Paris is way, way more fun with friends, as romantic as it's chalked up to being! I can't wait to hear about what I'm already imagining was an incredible and hysterical trip!


  8. You should have known right from the start that Mr. London would find a way to be with his man lover 😉


  9. I'm sure it was fantastic! Romantic getaway or not, it doesn't really dissapoint!


  10. We had this happen on a minor scale once also – my FIL decided to tag along on our Maui vacation. At one point during the trip, my husband said sarcastically, “Wow – what a second honeymoon this is.” 😉 Hope your Paris trip was marvelous though – can't wait to hear all about it. We got to meet up with some of our best friends in Paris and that was one of our favorite days there!


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