Paris {six}

After I said goodbye to The London’s, I only had a few hours left with Gregory before his TGV to Toulon left. We thought that since we were in Paris, we should walk on over to that one special, not to be missed, romantic spot… The Eiffel Tower.

It was only a short distance from our hotel in the seventh, and the grey and muddy walk was worth it. The park side that we approached it from was practically empty, quite a change from the long queues at the Musée d’Orsay and Notre-Dame. That said, we weren’t going up to the top, only viewing it from the outside.

We walked around a bit, looking at the pretty buildings and contemplated what life would have been like if we had lived in Paris, instead of Provence (not that we could ever afford an apartment in the seventh mind you), very different I’m sure. We would still be moving? Would we be happy? Would we  still have adopted a dog? Would we have barbecued as much? Would I have drank as much Rosé? Would Gregory still have been working at The Penthouse Club? (tee hee!) 

One things for sure, it would have been a different life indeed.

Later that evening, I had another glimpse of how different my life could have been…

After I had said goodbye to Gregory, I sat in the lobby of my hotel waiting for my date to pick me up. That’s right, as soon as I got rid of The Husband, I was heading out on a date! Or should I say, a blate. I was going for drinks with Ella Coquine and Kristen.

As I sat drinking wine with these two transplanted New Yorkers, I couldn’t help but think that it was such an amazing way to say goodbye to France. I reminisced about life in Le Petit Village (they had questions galore) but all the while I sat there, I felt like I was getting a special glimpse into what my Parisian life could have been like and I have to say, I liked it! But how could I not hanging out with two such inspirational and dynamic women in the City of Lights… oh la la!

But alas, I’m Sara in Le Petit Village (or should I say, ‘was’), not Sara in Paris, and you know what, that’s fine by me.

P.S. Don’t forget, questions for Gregory’s vlog are still open! If you’ve got one, click here, and fire away!

10 responses to “Paris {six}”

  1. I have been to both Provence and Paris I prefer Provence FAR more! Paris is beautiful but arrogant and far too crowded 🙂 Your beautiful petit village is perfect. ❤ Daryl Unlost Current Post: Foodie Travel – Let's Talk About Buffalo Wings.


  2. So jealous of your blate! That said, lovely ladies aside, I've never particularly longed to live in Paris. Glad you had a nice end to your trip.


  3. I have those moments too every time we're in Paris. Our expat experience would sure be entirely different.


  4. Paris is charming to visit, but I wouldn't want to live in a city that scrutinises thigh size and clothing to that extent. I try to be chic, but there is a limit! Rural France is so beautiful and the people are far nicer.


  5. So cool that you got to meet other bloggers! I would love to do that someday, I am sure it is so much fun!


  6. It was such a treat to meet you (finally!) I've been loving your recaps. Hope all is well x


  7. It was such a special evening! It was so nice to finally meet you! It was so nice hearing your stories. You really made them come to life! (And thanks for the extra bits of juicy gossip. You know I love it.) xo!


  8. I think you're blessed to have lived in so many places and met so many wonderful people. I think you may be one of those rare people who can live joyously with what they have now and not might have been or could be.


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