Behind the Photos XV

Last night I was watching one of those Anthony Bourdain travel food shoes. He was in my beloved Lyon, and I was hungry… all of that delicious food in France that I’m missing; the wine, the saucisson, the cheese… oh the cheese! In honor of all of that cheese, I bring you this Behind the Photos, which has a cheese theme. It has winter theme too, but, it still has cheese. (Photos from late winter, 2010.)

When these gloomy clouds rolled into Le Petit Village, we knew that summer was truly over (Nazi Ghost Zombie clouds as I like to call them). As awesome as summer in Provence is, the autumn and winter aren’t too shabby either, mostly, because it means cheese… lots and lots of melted cheese.

This photo always cracks me… Gregory, trying to get every last bit of cheese out of the fondue pot. If he could have stuck his hold head in there, he probably would’ve. This mini-fondue party was on a Sunday and the only invitees were myself, Gregory and Honey Jr, because in France, it is completely acceptable to throw fondue parties for only three people. I love France. (On an unrelated note; I can never get over how dark Gregory’s blond locks get in the winter. Since summer is right around the corner, he’s well on his way to being towheaded again.)

Here’s me, all bundled up and on my way to another cheese party… this time a Fondue and Raclette combo at Brother-in-Law’s house. It was a Friday, and since Le Petit Village was covered in snow, and  it was too dangerous to drive down the mountain, everyone had a snow day, and in The LPV, snow days mean cheese. I love Le Petit Village.

Look at that happy face! Stuffing himself silly with cheesy goodness. Lately, he’s been stuffing himself silly with Tex-Mex and hamburgers. He seems to like the food here in the States well enough, but I think I’ll have to invest in a Raclette grill for this winter. It would be a shame to deprive the boy of such a large part of his cultural heritage.

And another happy face… Honey Jr enjoying his wine with his cheese. Traditionally, Raclette is to be served with a white wine from Savoy, but we’re rule breakers in The LPV. Anyway, back to Honey Jr, I miss that cute, little face. Maybe when I order the Raclette grill, I can order a Honey Jr too.

And because I’m on a happy face kick, here’s one more.

P.S. If you have a question for Gregory, it’s not too late. Click here, leave a question in the comments, and he’ll answer it in a blog… cute French accent and all. 

10 responses to “Behind the Photos XV”

  1. Is Fifty enjoying his American dog food too? Same brands as in France. My weenies are so particular about theirs, I think they'd starve rather than eat another brand.


  2. I love cheese!! In every possible way 🙂 And cheese fondue is one of the most delicious things ever 🙂 I haven't introduced the fiancé to it, yet – but since he's already moving to Germany because of the cheese 😉 I'm sure he'll be obsessed with fondue and raclette, too, once he tries it 😀 Both pics of Gregory crack me up – I can tell he loves his cheese 😉 And you look too cute all bundled up! I sure hope you get a raclette grill and some good cheese so you don't miss it too badly. Did you know that it's allowed to take solid cheese into the U.S. if it's sealed? I always have to bring some Gouda cheese when I visit my friends in Boston 🙂


  3. So what kind of cheese will you use for a raclette party here in the US? And way to go Mr. London!!!


  4. Oh my GOODNESS you have just made me inordinately hungry!! My mom's whole side of the family is French Canadian so I'm well accustomed to intimate cheese parties – the best parties, you might say. Sadly, here in the Netherlands they have more of an 'eat to live' mentality, so I've been cheese-party-less for far too long!!!! This needs to be rectified immediately, even if it means getting some major side-eye :p


  5. Liene beat me to it! I, who have not an athletically inclined bone in my body, did say a “Yay!” when I heard it on the news. :)And really? If you would say, “Heather, if you would like, right now, you could have all of the raclette you would like but you would have to eat it outside in the middle of a snow storm” I would say “Ok. Yes please.” 🙂


  6. I'm so going to miss the cheese when I leave! Love these pictures and now I'm in the mood for a nice fondue or raclette!


  7. Haha, that picture of Fifty is hilarious! Yay for raclette, you should totally get a raclette grill! I love it when you share your pictures, thanks for doing this! And I think I will never forget the nazi ghost zombie clouds! Perfect name. So what is the worst food Gregory tried in America?


  8. mmmm never too much cheese.


  9. I'm in France at the moment & enjoying the cheese (& wine) mmmmm.. lovely.


  10. Oh my god, SO. MUCH. CHEESE. Look at all that glory! And fifty. Love. Sorry I haven't been on here much lately. Life. But I'm glad to see you so happy and getting settled.


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