pretend this is a vlog

I have failed you my friends, failed you, failed you, failed you.

I am having some technical problems over here with both my imovie and my iphone and I’m unable to give you the vlog I promised. In my meek attempt to make it up to you, please accept the following answers to your questions from Gregory. They’re not vlogged, but they are verbatim (and if you wanted, you could watch his last vlog so you know what he would sound like if this was indeed a vlog).

Maria: Will Gregory work in Boston? Which language do you guys use to communicate?
Gregory: Yes, when I can work, I will work. We speak in English because it is the most natural for us because we met in English. 

NotesFromAbroad: How long did it take for you to think you might want to stay in the US, Or did you decide you might want to go back to France?
Gregory: One month, that’s it. No, I don’t want to go back to France, but I miss my friends. I think it’s normal. 

Donna Baker: What is your favorite American food?
Gregory: Fried catfish or oysters, fried oysters.    

Wine and Cork: J’ai toujours été très curieuse de savoir ce que Gregory faisait dans la vie en Provence, et ce qu’il espère pouvoir faire une fois installé dans le Massachusett. 
Gregory: Je travaillais en securité sur Monaco et Cannes la plupart du temps pour differentes personnes ou des festivals.
Et pour le Massachusett je suis entrain de passer mon diplome de coach sportif.

Laoch of Chicago: What does he think of American Pizza?
Gregory: Uh, is good but I prefer the French one if you ask me to choose between the two

Holly Nelson: How are you enjoying the States? How can I get my boyfriend to return to my home country with me?!?!
Gregory: Oh, I love America, but it’s weird because I miss my friends. The food is good, the music, the people the car. Tell him if he likes drinking, partying and rugby, then he’ll like England, and he’ll be close to France and the rest of Europe for travel. 

Shannon: What are his thoughts on le football americain?
Gregory: I don’t like it. Its too slow, too many breaks. 

Miss B: I’m curious about what Gregory thinks about American food. Does he miss all those amazing French cheeses and the inexpensive wine?
Gregory: Yeah, I miss the cheeses, I’m not a big wine drinker, but cheeses definitely. American food is good actually, it’s not just burgers.
Sara Louise: I miss the inexpensive wine. I miss it so much it hurts. 

Tricia: Does it worry you thinking about the amount of poisonous snakes they have in Texas & having to really watch where you walk in the countryside? Also, how are you finding the portion sizes in the restaurants.  What DID Gregory do at The Penthouse Club? Don’t hold back – tell us all. 
Gregory: Yeah I’m freaked out. All the time I walk on the grass I look. And I’m really scared for the dog. The portion sizes are big but I love it because I eat a lot and for the price it’s really good stuff. I worked at security before at the Penthouse Club, but before it was called the Hustler Club. 

Megan Nicole: How does he feel speaking/hearing English all the time now? Even though my husband speaks English very well also, it was a bit of sensory overload for him at first. How does Gregory feel about it?
Gregory: I think it’s fine. When I hear French for me, it’s weird now, because I get used to English.

Enna-Ojs: What surprises him the most about Americans? What does he like the most about living in the U.S.? What does he find the most annoying?
Gregory: How people are friendly and really helpful. Oh, the convenience of things, like customer service and how easy it is like when you go to the bank and stuff. Politics are the most annoying, like the bad political ads on TV and stuff. 

Amanda: What do you think about American sports – football, baseball and of course…hockey? And have you become addicted to fast food yet? If so, which one?
Gregory: Hockey, I love it, but football I don’t. Baseball I don’t understand the rule. Hockey I love because it’s fast and the contact. I always be addicted to fast food even before in France. Last year in England with Bumder we do three different fast food for midday, Taco Bell, Burger King and KFC. My favorite in America is Burger King and Sonic.  

Kaley: As an American with a foreign husband myself, I want to know how he’s adjusting to the American lifestyle and what he misses. How he deals with missing home. If he ever thought he’d be so far from home. 
Gregory: No I never think I be so far from home. I’m adjusting pretty good I think. What’s a big change for me is the work ethic and I don’t know, I miss my friends, but otherwise I’m OK. 

Fat Dormouse: Do you think that Gregory will make a better or worse ex-pat than you? And does Gregory think he will make a better/worse one? And why..?! And what does he think he’ll miss most about his homeland?
Gregory: I’m better because I talk to everybody.

Sara Louise: It’s hard to say, but I think that it might be easier for Gregory because where we live in the US is not nearly as isolated as Le Petit Village was, and he had already met some of my American friends before coming over. But we’ll see… P.S Gregory talks to everybody because he doesn’t believe in ‘stranger danger’. 

Puppyfur: How did Gregory find leaving Fifty to board separately at the airport? Does he have a plan for work in MA? How is he adjusting to the sheer size of Texas, never mind the US, so far? Finally, what is his biggest “must-do” in the US?
Gregory: Oh, I was really stressed. I even asked the Captain of the plane to see if he was on board and stuff. 
Yes, in Massachusetts, I will be a personal trainer.
I would like to explore the US; Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, Gold State Bridge and the place with the four face of president.  

Mademoisella Coquine and Betsy: How does it feel reversing roles with Sara Louise being the native and now you the expatriate? I’d love to know!
Gregory: It make me understand lot of thing and lot of situation before. I understand more now what it was like. 
Sara Louise: Hmmm… interesting. 

Sara: What did he do in LPV besides eat and bbq? Did he have a job or did he save all his rugby money so he’d never have to work again? What are his plans for the US? Is he going to learn to cook and be a househusband?
Gregory: Drink. No, I joke. I traveled a lot for security work. I’m training to be a personal trainer.  

Fit With Flash: Will he be accompanying you on our blate at the end of June when I come to Texas?!
Gregory:  Of course! 

Den Nation: How did Gregory ever manage to tear himself away from his Bumder and move so far away? Is there a US Bumder on the horizon?
Gregory:I don’t manage it actually. There is a hole in my heart that can never be filled. In a joking way, but no, I miss him. Nope, no US Bumder. Bumder is Bumder. 

Well that’s that. I hope you enjoyed this not-a-vlog. If anyone needs me, I’ll be flailing myself in penance.

20 responses to “pretend this is a vlog”

  1. I do not understand the rules of baseball either and I think football is too slow. They take breaks all the time, it gets so annoying. 🙂


  2. Oh he should be so glad you're not British, cricket is even more difficult to understand the rules for than baseball lol


  3. Well done Gregory – spot on regarding the European travel for my question , I have been using that one and he said he would actually consider it for the future! Gregory the all-knowing!!


  4. Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet!


  5. don't flail yourself too hard – that was almost as entertaining to read as it would have been to actually watch him give the answers :)also, thumbs up to Sonic!


  6. Super d'avoir de tes nouvelles Gregory!! Tu sais quoi? Tu seras un très bon coach sportif, je suis certaine que ça va marcher pour toi! Gros bisous and stuff!!


  7. Interesting! And I prefer reading stuff to watching videos anyway, so, perfect :)I bet there's stories from the security work!! Good luck settling in and with the new career!


  8. I loved this, even if we didn't get to hear the answers in his adorable accent. 🙂 I'm with Gregory – watching American football is torture. It's SO SLOW. I can only watch the fast moving sports like hockey and basketball.Are there no snakes in France? That part had me confused. I just assumed poisonous snakes were everywhere…


  9. No fail – I really enjoyed reading Gregory's answers & just imagined them in his sexy french accent, job done!


  10. Very enjoyable indeed! Was always curious what Gregory did for a living out there in idyllic Provence. Now what about you Sara? You've mentioned that you're working again. Also when is the move to Berkshires happening? Hopefully in time for fall color!


  11. Ooh fun! I'm glad he's doing well and adjusting to the U.S. I also 100% agree that American football is so slow. Each quarter seems to take an hour!! Ugh.


  12. All going according to plan, we should be in the Berkshires in September.Honestly, I'm surprised Gregory decided to say what he did for work, we always chose to keep at least that part of our lives private, so as for me and what I do, my lips are still sealed… 😉


  13. ¡Gracias! Thanks for your responses to my questions! María


  14. This is so cute – I'm glad that Gregory is adjusting so easily to life here. Even after two weeks in France, I had a hard time being home (I think mostly because I wanted bread all the time and inexpensive wine).This is so cute, Sara! 🙂 Love this post.


  15. Good to hear that everything is going well for you & Gregory. Like Gwan I prefer reading to watching anyway, so this was perfect. Thank you, Gregory!


  16. I enjoyed reading all of Gregory's answers and it's good to hear that he is settling in and enjoying his new adventure. Please thank him for answering my question and you made me smile with your comment too about missing the inexpensive wine.


  17. Gregory's not alone in not understanding baseball – my Italian friend doesn't get it either. But Sonic – yeah!!! One of my son's fave eateries!


  18. So nice to see this and to know you guys are doing well and Gregory seems happy. Thanks,Gregory


  19. HAHA Sara Lou I love your answer about the inexpensive wine. You win this “vlog” :Pand I totally thought that “coach sportif” meant that he'd be coaching kids in rugby or something and my insides exploded with how cute that would be.


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