// Gregory and I saw Honey Jr and Honey’s Honey’s doppelgangers walking down the street in my small, Texas town; same hairstyles, same clothing style, and the same petite size… we almost asked them to join us for an apéro, but that would have been weird.

// I don’t think I told y’all about Gregory and the baby fox… At the end of last summer, we were returning from dinner and a light show in Avignon. It was after midnight as we drove into the forest outside Le Petit Village, when suddenly, Gregory slammed on the breaks. There was a baby fox in the middle of the road in danger of becoming a snake’s dinner. Gregory promptly hopped out of the car and shooed the fox off to the side of the road. He then got back into the car and proceeded to drive over the snake; back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, until we assured him that the baby fox was safe from the flattened snake. Gregory then got back out of the car and started cooing at the fox that was still sitting on the side of the road. He would have taken that thing home with him if he could’ve but then he could have ended up like this guy.

// My mother and Gregory have taken to playing cards together every afternoon, sometimes it’s cute, sometimes it sounds like there is going to be a domestic. She’s going to miss him when he’s gone.

// There’s only seventeen days and counting until Gregory has to go back to France… so that blows.

// When I moved back to the States from France, jet lag got hold of me something fierce, and for a few weeks, me and sleep were BFFs. I’d go to bed by 8PM just about every night, and on one Saturday, at 6:30PM, I stretched and yawned and declared that it was time for me to call it a night. My mother told me that I couldn’t possibly go to bed because it wasn’t even seven o’clock yet. But then I said that it was DST later that night, so technically it was 7:30, so off to bed I went. I’m such a party animal.

// Gregory and I watched Freaks & Geeks a couple of weeks ago (his first time, my bazillionth). I will be eternally bummed that there wasn’t a second season or even a tenth for that matter. But thanks to the glorious internet, I can relive the glory that is Freaks & Geeks whenever the mood strikes me… like now. Enjoy.

12 responses to “yippie-ki-yay”

  1. I thought of you this week – we drove past a road called 'Fifty Road' and I wanted to take a photo for you! Love Fifty's big smile! He is so cute. I hope you enjoy these seventeen days – it will be worth it xxx


  2. I can never get enough of Freaks and Geeks….and will never understand why there isn't a second season. P: I want a pet fox.


  3. Next time there is a baby fox in danger, it should probably come home with you. Fifty likes friends, right? And thanks for reminding me about Freaks and Geeks… I've been trying to come up with another good US show for us to watch and was completely stumped. I need something to soothe BV with now that Game of Thrones is almost over (again).P.S.- congrats on 700! Keep 'em coming. Love the Texas flair and looking forward to East Coast-adventures! 🙂


  4. Hoping over here from Travel Babbles 🙂 Love LOVE your blog 🙂 What part of Texas are you in now? :)http://neatly-packaged.blogspot.com/


  5. Love the fox and the snake story. Sure there's a Disney film there waiting to be made, except the snake probably wouldn't get flattened in the Disney version! : Dwww.lululovesfilms.wordpress.com


  6. I love a man who loves animals! I'd have done the exact same thing…except for cooing at the fox afterwards. I've seen how ferocious those little animals can get and I'd like to keep my face the way it is. 🙂


  7. Aww, but why didn't you go and make friends with the complete strangers? ;o)Lol at the fox, I could catch dozens to send to him, just let me know…


  8. Love Freaks and Geeks! It's amazing how much you see those people elsewhere. Lindsay turned up on Mad Men last season. Btw, there are no mountains in Michigan and its usually pretty chilly and definitely dark on Halloween.


  9. a] this post title immediately took me down the Die Hard road of inappropriate languageb] that fox video was ADORABLE. and how sweet of Gregory to rescue the baby fox from the snake! it could have been the Tod to Fifty's Copper if you had taken it home with you 😉


  10. Haha so cute they are playing cards!! Love a good card game.. I get very competitive!


  11. I have never seen Freaks and Geeks! I think I'm going to have to add it to my “must get into with Jon” list (right after Friday Night Lights).


  12. aww he should've kept the little baby fox. and that stinks he has to go back to france soon! when can he come back to the US?


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