Gregory Gerard Mathieu

That’s Gregory’s name, can you believe it? Gregory Gerard Mathieu… it’s a mouthful. In France you get not one middle name, but two, so you have three whole names (not counting your last one of course). It’s a whole lot, but I like it.

Today is Gregory Gerard Mathieu’s birthday (the Gerard part is for his uncle, I’m not sure where Mathieu came from but I think it’s nice) and for the first time ever, he’s celebrating it outside of France. We’re keeping it low key, mostly because he likes it that way, he doesn’t like a fuss (unlike me, who very much likes fuss). 

And get this, not only does he not want a fuss, but he decided that this year, he didn’t even want any presents (POPPYCOCK I SAY! YOU CAN’T HAVE A BIRTHDAY WITHOUT ANY PRESENTS, THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT!), he was going to give presents instead, specifically, himself. Right at this very second, Gregory Gerard Mathieu is down at the local YMCA, giving blood. He said he wanted to do something nice that would help other people on his birthday, and that’s all he wanted. Well color me humbled.

So that’s that. It’s my husband’s birthday and I just wanted to fuss over him a bit. Ciao ciao for now.

Update: Poor Gregory Gerard Mathieu just returned from the Y crestfallen, they wouldn’t let him give blood because he’s from France and the whole Mad Cow disease thing. He’s so disappointed but I’ve told him that it’s the thought that counts. Poor guy.  

11 responses to “Gregory Gerard Mathieu”

  1. Joyeux anniversaire Gregory! 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday Gregory!


  3. Ha! I can't give blood in France because I lived in the UK in the 1980s and they think I'm a mad cow risk, but they will take French blood! In the US, it seems any European is tainted!I hope he enjoyed the rest of his birthday. 🙂


  4. Awww, he's such a sweetie. You've got a good one there. Happy Birthday Hegory, we love you and miss you x x x x


  5. I was going to say the same as Sarah – we tried to give blood here in France and it was refused…The doctor himself was very annoyed and said it was madness, especially as – when in dire need of blood supplies – the French will buy blood from the UK! They will also take my organs when I die, but not my blood when I'm alive! Our friend (who is a nurse) just lies and says she wasn't in the Uk during the “Mad Cow” years. Give GGM an extra big kiss and cuddle for being so altruistic on his birthday!By the by, when I tried to get to your site via my shortcut I was redirected to a site called “Go daddy” who were trying to sell me a web site address…don't know if it's my shortcut that's been hijacked or your site. I joined you via another way.


  6. No, it hasn't been hijacked, I've just gone back to my original url: Thanks for the heads up though! xx


  7. Surely he had a delicious plate of something to celebrate? A happy belated birthday to GGM.


  8. What a guy!! I'm blown away – and definitely the thought that counts!


  9. Happy belated birthday to Gregory! This post did not show up before which is weird but I think I said happy birthday on Instagram (I hope so). By the way, I got redirected to such a Go Daddy website too, don't know why that is. I am sorry they did not let him donate blood. How mean! I like that he has two middle names. I don't even have one.


  10. What a sweet guy!!!


  11. That's so nice of him! I give blood regularly (though only to the doctor during pregnancy, boo) and I see more women than men doing it for some reason, so hurray for more guys who want to give 🙂 And I hope he had a happy birthday despite the disappointment!I have 3 middle names, so 5 total with first and last. I like that they have 2 here, I feel less weird!


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