Because Who Doesn't Love Pugs? {guestpost}

Hello readers of C’est Moi, Sara Louise! My name is Jackie and I blog at Jade and Oak.  I’m excited to be blogging for Sara while she’s on vacation. Though I’m obviously jealous that she is on vacation and I’m not. But I’ll let it pass. This time. So on my blog, I talk a little bit about everything. I live in Pennsylvania with my fiance and have been planning my wedding, trying to fix up our old house (I’m an HGTV addict) and reminiscing about my younger years of traveling Europe. (I was a short-lived ex-pat in London a looooong time ag0.) But, one of my fave things on the blog is to talk about and share photos of my puggies.


Just like Sara has her baby Fifty, I have my two pug babies, Bowie and Rosie. I never had dogs growing up but now I’m a crazy dog lady. So if you’re thinking of joining the crazy dog lady club, let me share my experience of how great being a crazy dog lady is.

My pugs are the weirdest dogs I know. Pugs can be known as “velcro dogs” because they are always attached to your side like velcro. If you’re watching tv, out in the yard, sleeping, blogging (ahem) or cooking, you can guarantee they will be right by your side. Especially if food is involved. Puggies love their humans and they’re pretty cute, so I don’t mind being shadowed by a dog constantly. And you’re never alone!

IMG_0828 IMG_1572

Pugs also make a lot of noise. Bowie mainly just snores sometime when he’s sleeping but Rosie snores SO loudly when she’s sleeping. She also makes a near constant snorting sorta noise whenever she breathes. So if she isn’t velcroed to your side, you know where she is because you can probably hear her! Adorable! (Usually. Not so much when I’m trying to sleep.) Their noises are hilarious so, even though I usually have to turn the tv volume up to hear over her snoring, their noises are precious. They never fail to make me laugh.

Pugs sleep a lot. Every morning they are maniacs because they want to eat. After breakfast and their potty break, there are ready to go back to sleep. Pretty much all day. Then more craziness for dinner and then more sleeping. Considering they do nothing all day, it is amazing that they can always be so tired. What a life. But the good thing is – whenever I’m feeling lazy I always have 1 or 2 companions who will relax with me on the couch for a quick (or long) snooze.


So basically this post was an overload of photos of my dogs. Hope I didn’t bore you all too much! But seriously pugs (and dogs in general) are the best. If you had told me 5 years ago, I’d be a crazy dog lady, I wouldn’t have believed you and here I am. But I swear I have other interests. If you want to hear about my wedding planning or see my attempts to decorate our 70+ year old house, come on over to my blog. I also share random funny stories (well at least I think they’re funny…), some easy recipes and some blogging tips. I hope you’ll come over and say hello. Oh and Bowie and Rosie say to bring them treats when you stop by!

3 responses to “Because Who Doesn't Love Pugs? {guestpost}”

  1. sara – thanks for letting me guest post even though your vaca didn't work out 😦


  2. Your pugs actually sound like my rottie – especially the crazy morning activity pre-breakfast, followed by sleeping all day!


  3. Aww, I just fell in love with the pugs! They are soooo adorable! I am hoping to be able to adopt a dog soon too. I just love animals so much. Thank you for sharing these cute pictures!


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