Now that I’ve finished telling you the tragic tale of, my road to nowhere, I had planned on topping it off with a happy ending; my time in Paris with Gregory (I did get there eventually). But due to a surprise distraction this afternoon, my brain has wandered elsewhere, so instead of Paris, it’s random tidbits of life lately. After all, we’ll always have Paris. 

// Can you believe that October is almost over? I can’t, I really don’t know where the time keeps slipping to. It must disappear to that same mystical place where all of those missing socks go. As much as I always mourn the end of summer, this year I was excited about fall, because for the first time in ages, I was able to watch the new fall shows on TV when they aired. It really is the little things let me tell you, because to be able to see Scandal as it happens and not have to endure spoilers all over Twitter and Facebook, has been marvelous indeed. The only bummer is that I’ve promised Gregory that I won’t watch certain shows until he gets here, so consequently, I have no idea what Jax Teller has been up to (ssshhh!).

// The other big TV event in my house was the premier of Outlander. I’m a massive Outlander fan and have been waiting to see Jamie and Claire come to life on screen for practically ever. The premier of the show was such a big deal in my house, that it inspired Champagne Saturdays, which I managed to keep going for all eight weeks (with the exception of one night when I donned my cowboy boots for a friend’s wedding). Champagne Saturday was a big success and came with quite a few interesting combos, like; pizza, cheese, tarte au ratatouille, and my favorite, fried chicken.

// Besides eating deliciously at home, I’ve managed to get out and about a couple of times, including two scrumptious trips to Austin where I ate the best hot dog on the planet and discovered the delectable joys of truffled deviled eggs. There is some seriously good food in that city. And what I want to know is this; when did Austin become so freaking cool? Don’t get me wrong, the city was always one of the best around, but now it’s like, crazy, sexy, cool. (Forgive me, the TLC biopic was on the other day and I got sucked into it.)

// And while Austin is undoubtedly amazing, I’ve been doing my best to appreciate the fun and beauty of my own Texas Hill Country town. That photo of the butterflies up there was taken at a friend’s farm here, and seeing the Monarchs clustered together, resting before continuing their journey down to Mexico, made me realize that incredible vistas can be found everywhere, not just in Le Petit Village. But speaking of The LPV…

// B I G  N E W S ! Honey Jr and Honey’s Honey are going to have their very own Bébé Honey! Isn’t that the most fantastic news?! I’m bursting at the seems with joy for them, my only sadness is that I won’t be there to watch Honey’s Honey bump grow, and to see Honey Jr become a father because I’m sure he’s going to be amazing at it. And Fifty is very sad he won’t be there to shower Bébé Honey in kisses. Oh well, I guess that’s what vacations are for. 

5 responses to “migration”

  1. Glad to see you haven't been letting the grass grow under your feet, and that you're out and about even though Gregory is far away. Great news about the Honeys. Congratulations to them. 🙂


  2. That photo of the butterflies is amazing!Congratulations to Honey Jr and Honey's Honey.


  3. How did I not know that Jamie and Clare had come to TV? yet another thing for my Netflix list! congrats to the Honeys! You'll find a way to spend some time with Baby Honey – i know you will.


  4. Congratulations to Honey Jr and Honey's Honey! That is great news! Did you discover any new good shows? There are some I want to check out but haven't yet. I am glad to have Criminal Minds back though. Love that picture! It is fantastic!


  5. After southern California, Austin is the place I'd want to live. It has it all. Nashville is a close third. Or maybe Hawaii. Oh well, I'm glad to hear you made it to see Gregory. Hope he gets his green card thingy soon. The hummingbirds and butterflies have left here and I'm glad to see the Monarch's are stopping there to eat.


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