Behind The Photos XVII

Behind the photos… do you remember these? Since it’s been ages, I thought it was time to step back into the past. This edition takes us to February 2011, and a very special event in Le Petit Village… the marriage of Brother-in-Law and Child Bride.

While their wedding wasn’t nearly as fancy schmancy as the others in France I attended, I will say it was a whole lot more fun, mostly because we got to take over Le Petit Bar for the reception, which meant that I was free to DJ (I nominated myself for the job which basically meant I set up camp in front of the laptop and wouldn’t let anyone else anywhere near it). It was brilliant! I can’t say that the other guests enjoyed my musical mix of David Bowie, Blondie and Serge Gainsbourg as much as I did, but I was jamming!

The bride-to-be, my lovely sister-in-law, looking oh so pretty in her wedding dress alongside her proud papa. Here’s the thing about the dress… I picked it out! It was only a little over a week before the wedding, and Gregory and I had gone over to Brother-in-Law’s house for a drink and I asked Child Bride how the wedding planning was coming along and what her dress was like. Well imagine my surprise when she told me that she hadn’t found a dress yet! WHAT?! My head basically exploded and I went full on Olivia Pope; there was a crisis, and I was handling it (red wine included).

I found this dazzling number on the Monsoon website (the same place I found my own wedding dress) and after a nod of approval from Child Bride, we got it ordered and shipped right away. Funny thing though, some people were complaining because it wasn’t white… uh, the jig is up folks.

Even though my face is all scrunched up, I have always loved this photo. I wish I could remember what Honey Jr and Gregory were chatting about as we strolled to the mairie for the ceremony, but I’m clueless. Not that it would have been important, I’m sure it was salacious gossip since that’s what most of their conversations consisted off (quite the little busybodies those two are).

The really amazing thing about this wedding, was that it was an actual shotgun one. But the thing is, it wasn’t a shotgun wedding because of the reason you think (i.e.; La Petite being born a month after the nuptials), it was a shotgun wedding because that’s a tradition in parts of France. Even when The Croupier’s mother got married to The Croupier’s step-dad a couple of years ago, there were shotguns, and trust me, she was not pregnant. And F.Y.I., they do actually shoot them off. It was quite loud.

Isn’t this a beautiful shot of Child Bride and her mother? Yes, that young looking lady next to Child Bride is her mother, not her sister. Amazing, right? And it’s funny because I’m way closer in age to my sister-in-law’s mother than I am to my sister-in-law (like way closer), so naturally, when we were all together, I’d seek out the mother’s company. We bond over our shared loved of 90s music and she’d always express her surprise that I knew all of the ‘old’ songs that she liked, and I was all like, UH, HELLO, OF COURSE I DO, WE’RE LIKE THE SAME AGE! 

 And look at this cutie patootie! Honey Jr, looking all sorts of dapper being his adorable little honey self. Man I miss him, and if I miss him, Fifty must be downright miserable wondering what happened to his BFF. Huh, this post took a sad turn quickly. It’s probably a good place for me to sign off. Over and out. 

7 responses to “Behind The Photos XVII”

  1. I don't think that dress could have been more perfect or beautiful. Did you just say recently they were having another little one? Looks like a beautiful day and place for a wedding.


  2. No, not my brother-in-law, but Honey Jr and Honey's Honey are having a little one!!! We are all really excited about the news!


  3. The dress was awesome! I have never heard of a literal shotgun wedding before! How lovely. And yes, your sister-in-laws mother either looks v. young or else I am now so old everyone is starting to look young!


  4. That's pretty crazy you got the dress a week before the wedding! 🙂 Love seeing those pictures, you all look fantastic and her mother really looks like her sister!


  5. I love this little glimpse into your life 🙂


  6. Glad you shared this post again as I missed it the first time around. I like the fact that when you repeat posts that I get some of the bits of history filled in that I missed the first time.


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